$20 Million Has Been Invested in Envy Gaming By Undisclosed Investors

$20 Million Has Been Invested in Envy Gaming By Undisclosed Investors


Esports team Envy Gaming has raised a massive $20 million in external capital, though the Dallas-based organisation has chosen not to disclose who the investors are. In fact, the only information that we have to go off of as far as the investors are concerned are how they were described by Envy themselves, who stated that they are “a mix of prominent local investors and Texas families, as well as a select set of national investors.”

The raise will make a big impact for the team, though there are no additional board members or executives being added despite the influx of investment money. Back in 2017, the Hersh family invested $35 million in Envy, which turned out to have been the largest investment amount of that particular year.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Envy, the organisation has rosters competing in nine different games, one of which being Dallas Fuel’s franchise, who compete in the renowned Overwatch League. On the subject of Dallas Fuel, we will see the team hosting a competition this April at the Allen Event Center in Allen, Texas, so if you’re in the local area, be sure to check out all the action in just a few months’ time.

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