A Smashing Week For Nintendo

A Smashing Week For Nintendo


The big launch day has been and gone. All the anticipation and waiting well and truly over. We have been able to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for a full week now. A huge number have been doing just that. Most of you will already have been playing Smash Bros or will at least know if you are going to be buying it or not. So with that in mind, I didn’t want to go into full review mode. We’ve all seen the praise and even some negative points the game is receiving. Instead we’re going to take an overview the first week of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Ready to fight


As the majority of us would have suspected, SSB:Ultimate went right to Number One in the sales charts in every region. At least every one I checked. What’s more interesting, and impressive are some of the other stats that go along with sales figures for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Firstly, over here in UK at least, this is not only Nintendo’s fastest selling Smash game, it is also the fastest selling Switch game to date. Just think about that for a moment. Legend of Zelda, a full Mario game, Mario Kart. Even Let’s Go Pickachu and Eevee combined. Nope, SSB:Ultimate still sold faster. At the time of writing figures are not available but, we suspect this trend is across all regions.

Looking at Japan, the sales figures are equally impressive. Physical sales topped over 1.2 million copies in that region alone. This is based on figures from Media Create for dates Dec 3rd to Dec 9th, which do not track digital sales. So the final, true figure is likely to be insane. It’s worth noting that the Switch systems sales in Japan for the same time frame came in at over 280,000.

A new challenger Approaches


I’ve been having a great time with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as many of you have. It’s my first Smash game since Melee back on the Nintendo GameCube back in 2002. I absolutely loved that game so I was a bit hesitant, would Ultimate measure up to those fond memories?

Oh Yeah. No problem. Seeing all my favourite Nintendo characters, along with a boat load from other franchises, smashing it out in 1080p with modern graphics is great. The polish is spot on, stages are varied and detailed with a wealth of things going on in the background, special effects and their own modifiers. I am particularly fond of Sonics Green Hill Zone stage. Similarly, the characters themselves are wonderfully detailed and full of character. I’ve not unlocked them all yet, but so far they all feel like their own fighters separate from the others. Even ones that are essentially reskins have little changes unique to them. My default is Link (Breath of the Wild), by the way.

A bit on the side


It’s not just the standard matches, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is packed full of extra things to do and little treasures. World of Light offers up a nice single player experience and earns you spirits to bolster your characters and fighters also unlock as you progress. I wasn’t expecting to get to involved with this mode but I’ve sunk a load of time into it so far. There’s typical story mode and training modes also but one thing I absolutely love, is the collection of music. The game opens with a good chunk of music but more is unlockable as you play, and it’s great to fire up tracks from other titles.

One thing I do miss from Melee though, collecting the trophies. If you never played it, Melee would let you unlock little models, virtual Amiibo if you will, of Nintendo Characters. Then you could view them at leisure. Pointless maybe, but it was awesome. I knew this wasn’t in SSB.Ultimate but I miss that feature none the less. I suppose the spirits are sort of similar though.

Final Smash


It’s going to be interesting to see just how far Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can go for Nintendo. Sales figures that have already come out are huge and we haven’t had a full tally including Digital sales yet. And only some regions stats have come through so far. There’s also the DLC that’ll help bolster earnings. Worth saying also that Nintendo has been sending out the DLC Codes to early adopters for the Piranha Plant character, so check your inbox.

A little fly in the ointment, at least in UK anyway. Adaptors for the GameCube controller have been delayed. Until May 2019! Reportedly due to “unforeseen production issues”, we can buy the new GameCube controllers but won’t be able to use them with our Switch consoles for now. I have seen them available through other sources but at double the normal retail price. I’ll probably pick up the pad and the adaptor at a later time, seeing as I could do with a new GameCube controller anyway.

However, in the meantime if you cannot wait, there’s an alternative! This Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch is from PowerA and has been pretty well received so far. I’ll be sure to write a review up for you all if I pick one up. Which is likely, seeing as May feels like ages away.

All in all, though, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a blast and is deserving of all its praise. It isn’t without flaws but I feel any negatives are rather minor and quickly overlooked. If you own a Switch, you need to own this game.

Let us know in the comments how your time with Smash has been so far. Who’s your main and who else do you want to see in the DLC?

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