APEX LEGENDS: Battle Royale With A Twist

APEX LEGENDS: Battle Royale With A Twist


The Battle Royale genre has become so big these days that not only is it now considered a genre of game but they are the most viewed games on the Twitchers and FaceTubes (Sorry, I’m an older guy and don’t really get all that but I try). So, what makes this new one stand out from the rest, well, there are quite a few things about it actually, and I will be happy to break them down for you if you haven’t tried it yet.

It Actually Works:

When PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds was released it was, and I mean this in the politest way possible, a buggy, laggy, glitchy and almost unplayable mess. That didn’t stop it from being insanely popular but the problems with it put me right off and so when I played Apex I was surprised by how smooth it ran and by how it held its buttery smooth sixty frames a second for every game I played. I didn’t find a single screen tear or fall through any graphics either, even with a full game of sixty players, which is always nice. I shouldn’t have been surprised by this though as the game is developed by Respawn, the team behind the excellent Titanfall series, games of which I am a fan. They have confirmed that Apex is set in the Titanfall universe but not to expect any of the metal giants to enter this game. That is a pity though as sixty Titans duking it out would be hella fun.

It is Completely Team Based:

Most Battle Royale games will give you the option of either going at it every man, or woman, no sexism here, for themselves. Apex on the other hand is always played in teams of three, this means cooperation is vital for victory and lone wolves will find themselves easy pickings for squads working together. Now this may be off putting for some but there is a very good reason for this decision, which also happens to be my next point.

Apex Legends Map

The Characters are Heroes with Abilities:

Ever played OverWatch? Then you already have an idea where this is going. Each of the 8 heroes currently available have unique abilities, from healers to shield generators and this is why team work is vital in the game. I found myself playing the heavy character Gibraltar for the simple reason that his abilities were very similar to my favourite OverWatch character Winston, complete with bubble shield. Again borrowing from OverWatch, every character has an ultimate ability which charges over time and once it reaches 100% you can unleash some crazy attacks, I found myself launching orbital strikes on my opponents and laughing as everyone ran for cover. I can’t wait to get to grips with the rest of the cast and see what madness I can get up to.

It is a Blast to Play:

I have already enjoyed a large amount of games of Apex and can definitely guarantee I will enjoy more in the future. The reason this surprises me is that I have never really been a big fan of Battle Royale games, they always felt like a not as fun version of old school arena death match games but Respawn may have won me over with Apex. The reason for this is the game is fast paced, the weapons feel amazing and being a big fan OverWatch already, the character abilities add a whole new dynamic to the genre.

Apex Legends

It Costs Nothing:

That’s right; it won’t cost you a single lid. Nowt, nada, ziltch, the square root of zero, not even Monopoly money. A price tag like that is hard to argue with, so there is no reason not to give the game a go. Of course there are micro transactions in the game but none of which will give you an advantage but there are two heroes currently locked behind paywalls but that still gives you six characters to try for the same price as a breath of air.

It seems the game itself is already doing well as it reached one million different logins within eight hours of launch; those are some very impressive numbers. The game shows no sign of slowing down either and this is all thanks to the great gameplay, unique characters and the overall great fun to be had in it.

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