Apex Legends – Cloud9 Adds Their First-Ever Brazilian Roster

Apex Legends – Cloud9 Adds Their First-Ever Brazilian Roster


Esports organisation Cloud9 has announced the signing of its first Brazilian team, with a roster being acquired for the popular free-to-play battle royale title Apex Legends.

The new team will be the second Apex Legends line up that has been formed by Cloud9, having signed a squad from North America last month. The new Brazilian roster consists of Nino “ninexT” Pavolini, Gabriel “isno” Ceregatto, and Vinícius “noted” Mancinni.

A number of other eSports organisations have looked to Brazil to acquire new rosters. For example, Immortals took the inactive MiBR brand, as well as a roster and sponsors for CS:GO. Meanwhile, Luminosity Gaming too has a Brazilian CS:GO team, and used to have a PUBG team hailing from there also.

Apex Legends is certainly making strides in the eSports scene, with a number of organisations including NRG, Team Liquid and 100 Thieves all signing squads for the EA shooter. It appeared to take the gaming industry by storm, but hasn’t quite achieved the status of games of a similar ilk, especially after the steady decline in Twitch viewership. EA are also yet to reveal what their plans are for the game from a competitive standpoint, so it will be interesting to see what direction they choose to take.

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