APEX LEGENDS: Data Mining Leads to New Content Information

APEX LEGENDS: Data Mining Leads to New Content Information


I have mentioned before how the PC crowd are both very cunning and more than a little impatient and it seems they backed up my claims once again. Now, in case you have been under a rock for the last 2 weeks there has been a game called Apex Legends that is kind of taking the gaming world by storm, you can read my thoughts on it here. Now it isn’t really a surprise to anyone that Respawn will be supporting the game in the future but it seems our buddies over in PC land want to know exactly what Respawn have planned. That means they did what they do best and data mined the game and have found some interesting news.

New Characters:
It appears that coming soon we will have 2 new characters if the uncovered files are to be believed. Filed under the names of Octane and Wattson it is unsure as to whether these are code names or character names but they certainly would fit in with the rest of the single named cast. Digging deeper than a mole with a quad gravity power-up they have also found the apparent abilities of said characters. It seems Octane will have a ‘Stim Pack’ ability which I can only assume will be similar to Titanfalls own stim packs giving a boost to health or shields. Wattson on the other hand appears to have a ‘Tesla Trap’ which to me sounds like a trap to slow movement or completely disable movement for a short period of time.

Apex Legends Map

New Weapons:
Aside from the character names there has been a discovery of 2 apparent weapon names, the Havoc Rifle and L-Star EMG. According the in game files, the Havoc Rifle will have a clip size of 25 rounds and will use energy bullets. The L-Star EMG appears to be an energy light machine gun as its clip holds 60 bullets.

Last but not Least:
Though we were finished? You thought wrong, other than all the above findings it seems there has been a list of names but no data. These names include Crypto, Husaria, Jericho, Nomad, Prophet, Rampart, Rosie, and Skunner. These could easily be a list of character, weapon or even map names, your guess is as good as mine.

Of course, all this is just hearsay and guesswork at the minute as there has been no official announcement from Respawn themselves but with the high success and huge player numbers that the game has it would make sense for them to start pushing new content to keep interest in the game alive.

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