Astralis Crowned Champions of FACEIT CS:GO Major 2018

Astralis Crowned Champions of FACEIT CS:GO Major 2018


A team has finally emerged victorious in the FACEIT CS:GO Major 2018, with the majestic Danes Astralis overcoming Natus Vincere in today’s final.

Astralis have been extremely impressive throughout the competition, and once again proved to be the dominant force when it mattered. The first game on Nuke was a showcase of the winner’s control, with a one-sided performance to win 6-16. Navi would require something special to pull things back on Overpass, though Astralis pulled ahead early on. Despite the fact that Natus Vincere did manage to pull back to 5-5, the eventual champs would pull ahead once more to take the map for an overall 2-0 victory.

Navi hadn’t dropped a game in the latter stages, and will bow out as more than worthy runners-up. Astralis had been equally as impressive, and proved to be more so in the final, making it a clean sweep to lift the title. Peter ‘Dupreeh’ Rasmussen was a particular highlight of the match, earning an impressive rating of 1.36 and a KDR of 18-12 in the first game.

With the fourth and final day drawing to a close, it was Astralis that deservedly took the gold, and with the competition as fierce as it has been throughout in terms of their opponents, it only accentuates their skill set to run out as winners.

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