Blizzard Testing Overwatch eSports Chat Moderation System

Blizzard Testing Overwatch eSports Chat Moderation System


It looks as if Blizzard are looking to bring a method of improving maturity within its popular first person shooter, Overwatch. This isn’t necessarily directed at making improvements for just the players, but rather including the audience in the changes being made, primarily revolving around the testing of a chat moderation system for the Overwatch Contenders feeder league.

In doing so, it will require players to link their Twitch channel to their account. This has been met with a mixed response, with there not being a particularly clear way of how it will bring a feeling of professionalism to the viewing of the eSports competitions on offer. Although it does mean that you will have to behave yourself when watching your favourite players, seeing as your Twitch account is now linked to your account, there is the worry that there could be ramifications for those who are innocently trying to watch a match, and toxic behaviour causing issues in those said chats.

But it is easy to see why Blizz would take this approach, especially if they are to bring Overwatch to a more mainstream audience in competitive gaming. It doesn’t stand alone as a title that is becoming more and more known for its toxicity, but it would help attract more viewers if such behaviour is moderated in such a way.

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