Bro, Do You Even Vinyl?

Bro, Do You Even Vinyl?


Before I begin I want to make one thing clear, I’m not a hipster nor am I trying to start a trend. Strange as that may be to begin believe me it is necessary for what I am about to say. I am a huge fan of collecting video game soundtracks on vinyl. My collection includes some of my personal favourites such as Streets of Rage 2, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Super Hang-On, God of War, Doom and Sonic Adventure 2, there are others but those were bought more on a whim. Anyway, the point of all this is simple, if you are a big fan of video game music like myself then believe me when I tell it is something special to hear it on vinyl rather on music streaming services or a video based web site.

Now strange as this may seem we are going to take a very unusual turn onto indie game avenue, in particular I would like quickly mention a small but awesome game called BroForce. For those who have never heard of it, BroForce is a Contra style shooter that is a huge love letter to 80’s actions cinema with characters reminiscent or Rambo, Terminator, John McClane, Predator and Eileen Ripley. It is a brilliantly fun game to play and here’s the link you’ve all been waiting for, it has an absolutely incredible soundtrack.

BroForce gameplay

With a mixture of bombastic orchestra and cheesy as hell 80’s rock the soundtrack to this game was one of my most listened to albums of last year. So, you best believe that I have been trying to find this on vinyl but no matter where I searched I found no sign, which is strange as the soundtrack is very popular online, so I took matters into my own hands.

The games soundtrack is composed by Deon Van Heerden, an award winning composer who has done music for video games, trailers and movies, I feel I should point out he also has a pretty rocking beard. I therefore contacted the man himself and asked if there was any chance that the BroForce soundtrack would ever be released on vinyl. He didn’t take too long to get back to me and was happy to give me an answer:

“Thanks for the kind words 🙂 We’ve been looking at a potential vinyl release; if I have my way it’ll be out in a few months. Nothing official yet, but I’d say chances are good!”

With any luck then Deon will get his way and within the next few month’s we’ll be able to get our hands on of the best video game soundtracks in recent years on vinyl.

If you are a fan of video game music we would love to hear what video game soundtracks you listen to and which you would recommend to other listeners of the genre.

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