Capcom Cup 2018 Breakdown

Capcom Cup 2018 Breakdown


With the end of the year nigh we once again got to watch some top notch Street Fighter action in this years’ Capcom Cup. While Capcom’s flagship fighting series may be taking an absolute pummelling in the media from fans and critics alike that didn’t stop an impressive turnout for this year’s event which was held in Las Vegas. Taking place in the now well-known Hyper eSports arena on the 15th and 16th December it was a weekend of big fights and big surprises.

There was no shortage of high octane matches either between the familiar faces of the Street Fighter scene including long term players Justin Long and Daigo. However, it was Red Bull’s Gachikun that absolutely ploughed through the competition like a hot knife through already semi-melted butter. One of Gachikun’s earliest victims was none other than DETONATION’s Itabashi Zangief, taking down the giant with a 3-0 victory using Rashid and bringing forth a whirlwind of pain upon him. Upon receiving this beat down however, Itabashi Zangief went on a bit of crushing spree himself with his main character Abigail and smashed his way through the loser bracket and would go on to once again face Gachikun in the grand final.

The final itself started with a complete role reversal however and seen Itabashi Zangief absolutely decimate Gachikun, who up until that point was looking utterly unstoppable, with a 3-0 victory. This led to the bracket being reset and therefore put both men on a level play field. Gachikun however, famous for his coolness under pressure, picked himself up and did what he does best and came through with a 2-0 victory in an absolutely nail biting battle. As always the crowds went wild, the fighters showed respect to each other and Gachikun went on to net himself a cool $250,000, not bad for a few days’ work.

Gachikun Capcom Cup 2018

Outside the tournament Capcom went on to take the opportunity to show off the first of their new fighters, Kage, who for all intends and purposes is just Evil Ryu. With a very devil design and all the Street Fighter V bells and whistles they went onto announce that Kage was available right away. This of course led to the fighting game community instantly believing that Daigo, also known as ‘The Beast’, would be picking up this character and would be a force to be reckoned with at the next Capcom sponsored event.

I’m kind of glad to see that Street Fighter V is still getting love from its fans. I’m also glad to see that the entire tournament weekend was done with the newly added advertisements switched off as that would have been a total bummer and would have easily distracted from the action. It was great to see that the crowds and fans are still getting behind their favourite players and showing them support as without these people going nuts for Rage Arts and Crush Counters the whole thing wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun.

So now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to get into top shape as I have decided after seeing that prize fund and all those screaming ladies to finally get my butt into gear and become a pro. Watch this space folks and remember “Power to the Earth!”

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