Clash Royale League Concludes in Tokyo Next Weekend

Clash Royale League Concludes in Tokyo Next Weekend


Tokyo will play host to the coming together of the world’s top six Clash Royale teams, as mobile eSports continues to make strides on the competitive gaming scene.

The Clash Royale World Finals will begin next weekend, as the league’s debut season comes to a close for Supercell’s smash hit mobile title. The game originally released back in 2016, and has since managed to attract over 50 million users that play the game on a a daily basis. As for the league itself, publisher Supercell launched the competition in August, following on from the Crown Championship World Finals. Last year’s league, which took place in London, paved the way for mobile gaming to make its mark in eSports, and will be aided further with the meeting of the top six teams in the world colliding next weekend.

With mobile gaming making up nearly 50% of the gaming market around the world, its easy to see why the platform is looking to be a strong contender on the eSports stage. As the mobile market continues to show dominance on a global scale, eSports from a handheld perspective doesn’t seem to be showing signs of slowing down anytime soon, with Clash Royale seeming to be on of the torch bearers at the moment.

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