Connor ‘Gigz’ White Signed By 100 Thieves As First Pro Apex Legends Player

Connor ‘Gigz’ White Signed By 100 Thieves As First Pro Apex Legends Player


100 Thieves has announced the signing of their first professional player for the latest smash hit entry to grace the battle royale genre. And what’s more, it’s a very familiar name to those who are in the know in the Destiny community.

The North American eSports organisation has signed up Connor ‘Gigz’ White, marking the first player to be picked up for the free-to-play BR title Apex Legends. A recent announcement on Twitter read: “With a background in Destiny, Gigz caught our eye with his impressive gameplay and adaptability in Apex. As a growing content creator and now pro player, we’re looking to see him tear up the Apex Legends scene.”

Gigz is also a renowned name as a content creator, with nearly 200,000 Twitch followers, almost 50,000 Twitter followers and has surpassed 65,000 subscribers on YouTube. And with Apex Legends only being available for a few weeks, White has racked up an impressive 3,800 kills across 227 wins.

He is also known for his outstanding accomplishments within the Destiny games, as well as his charity work which includes participating in the GuardianCon fundraiser, which managed to raise over $2.7 million for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Its expected that Gigz will be able to transfer his impressive skill set showcased in Destiny over to Apex Legends, as the new BR game on the block continues to grow.

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