Could Bloodborne 2 Be On The Way?

Could Bloodborne 2 Be On The Way?


When it comes to adoring fans there are few developers that have the same level of love From Software receives. So when President of From Software Hidetaka Miyazaki recently revealed that two new unannounced games were in the works you better believe there were quite a few of us that began thinking that we may finally be getting ready to return to Yharnam once again. Speaking with 4Gamer Miyazaki revealed that they were working on two more souls-eque games which helped fuel the fires that the PlayStation exclusive Bloodborne could finally be getting its long awaited sequel.

The idea of Bloodborne 2 has been floating around the Internet for quite some time now but this is the closest thing we’ve ever been to a solid piece of information on it. While not exactly confirming the one of the games in question is Bloodborne 2 being that they souls-eque does heavily point in its direction.

Bloodborne(Yes, we’re ready for more punishment)

Released in March 2015 Bloodborne had the player take on the role of an unnamed hunter trying to survive a night of the hunt. In typical From Software fashion the game featured a rock solid difficulty which was equally matched by its outstanding gameplay. Traversing the city of Yharnam was an incredible sight battling all types of creatures and monsters using a vast and unusual assortment of weapons. All this greatness was perfectly captured with the absolutely colossal boss fights that led to frustration when getting stomped for the fifteenth time but ultimately led to the most euphoric feeling upon that sweet sweet victory.

Taking a heavy inspiration from H.P Lovecraft the game has some truly horrific visuals that somehow still had a majestic beauty about them. With a mixture of gothic cities, twisted forests and even a castle that would make Dracula himself jealous the game offered no end of incredible environments to explore and be murdered in. However, as with anything that is taking inspiration from Lovecraft sometimes what you couldn’t see was worse than what you could.

bloodborne giant(Pretty hard to miss this big guy though)

With any luck the sequel will have more of this dark and horrible greatness with even more grotesque surprises waiting for us. Will we see more of the city that caused us so much panic or will the game featured an entirely new location? Will we discover what became of Gehrman? With any luck the game will give closure on some things but knowing From Software, they very well may raise more questions than answers.

Of course, this is all speculation at this point but fans of the game have been begging for a sequel for some time now, us at Darkspawn being among them. Hopefully then we won’t have to wait too long before the old ones answer our prayers.

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