Could Sea of Thieves Have a Future in Esports?

Could Sea of Thieves Have a Future in Esports?


Rare’s sandbox pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves has divided opinion since its inception. With the title being one that encouraged PvP and squad-based gameplay over a solo experience, it was very much a love it or hate it scenario amongst players from the get-go.

This opinion leaned in the more positive direction thanks to expansions such as Deadly Sails, which gave those who didn’t favour the Player vs. Player experience more to sink their teeth into with the introduction of ghost ships, offering a more PvE manner to the title, though it is indeed PvP that could lay the next major foundation going forward.

Following on from the Forsaken Shores expansion, which brought further balance and another region to Sea of Thieves, it would be interesting to see where Rare go next. PvP Arenas are the current calling card for the next step, and it is something that could open the door for competitive gaming on a professional level down the line. You feel that their is a bright future ahead of the experience but could rely on the next move, and though it has attempted to cater to those who prefer a PvE approach, the introduction of ‘The Arena’ which was announced at XO18, could bring a more complete product.

One thing is for certain; Sea of Thieves has enjoyed a massive surge in popularity as of late, particularly on the streaming scene. Over on Twitch, it has become one of the most viewed and participated titles on the platform, at one point being second only to Fortnite. The next logical step could well be Rare dabbling in eSports, in which players could take to the high seas to do battle in ‘The Arena.’

Though there has yet to be an official announcement on anything eSports-related from developers, it wouldn’t be all that much of a surprise to see, given the nature of the game and the PvP features already on offer. Stranger things have happened in the wide world of eSports also, especially since the recent announcement of Farming Simulator set to make an agricultural mark on the competitive stage.

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