DarkSpawn Gaming LoL Manager Talks UKLC, Highlights and Who’s Impressed So Far

DarkSpawn Gaming LoL Manager Talks UKLC, Highlights and Who’s Impressed So Far


Week two of the UKLC saw a new tower champion in the form of Fnatic Rising, and also saw DarkSpawn Gaming pick up their first win of the competition following a well fought victory over Barrage.

Going into week 3, the DarkSpawn’s League of Legends manager Alex “Synygy” Winton discussed what it was like going up against the more experienced roster of Barrage: “The game against Barrage was incredibly important for us to prove to everyone that we are real contenders in this league so taking the win was such a great feeling. Barrage is a team that has a lot of veteran players whilst ours mainly consists of rookies, so it was a real battle of old vs new. We played aggressively, stuck to our win conditions and didn’t let their experience get the better of us. I think this game was a real testament to the raw skill that is available in the UK scene if you look hard enough. We play Enclave next week who currently haven’t found themselves a win, we’ll be looking to play just as aggressively and knock their confidence even further.”

Winton went on to reveal his highlight of the UKLC so far, outlining the spirit of the team and response from picking up their first victory: “The highlight for me so far has just been listening to how happy the lads have been coming off the back of the Barrage game,” said “Synygy.” They motivate each other so much and I can only see us moving further up as the season progresses. In terms of an individual moment though, I’d definitely say when PFI secured first blood against Fnatic, Tim and I were screaming in Discord!”

One thing is for certain; the competition is made up of teams gleaming with potential, and there are a few teams that have stuck out for “Synygy” so far: “As expected both Fnatic are a step ahead of everyone else. Outside of that I’ve been really impressed with both Phelan and Diabolus, they have strong individual players but also they’re showing good knowledge of macro play, I wouldn’t be surprised if either was able to take a game off of Excel or Fnatic by the end of the split.”

Catch the team in action on Wednesday at 8PM GMT live on the official LVP Twitch channel as DarkSpawn take on Enclave.

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