Darkspawn Gets Festive: 5 Indie Titles To Add To Your Wishlist

Darkspawn Gets Festive: 5 Indie Titles To Add To Your Wishlist


Feeling in the festive mood? If you’re planning to get your gaming on for Christmas, these titles should be right at the top of your list.



Recently released after a long beta period, Rimworld is now a fully-fledged, published game – with plenty going for it. A combination of survival strategy and simulation, Rimworld is one of those games that are deceptively addictive. If you’re looking for a title that will take you through the Christmas holidays easily with hours of gameplay to enjoy, then Rimworld should definitely be at the top of your wishlist.

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Slay the Spire


Love card games? Big fan of roguelikes? Then Slay the Spire might be the perfect holiday purchase with those Steam vouchers, offering heaping helpings of both with a game that might still be pre-release, but is pretty well-polished. Perfect for those who enjoy a quick hour-long gaming session as opposed to all-day immersion, this indie title is definitely a Christmas gift you, or your fellow gaming friend or family member will love.

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Beautiful to look at and challenging to play, Cuphead’s retro charms is what makes it the ideal choice for a Christmas gift. Available on console, this title is perfect for those who prefer a two-player setup, enabling easy co-op with your siblings, mum, grandma or whoever else you can rope into spending some time in a world where psychotic carrots and evil genies are out to get you.

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West of Loathing


Substitute those cheesy cracker jokes with something a little more high-brow (though not by much) with West of Loathing. A light, enjoyable title that even your friends and family will enjoy watching, West of Loathing has that perfect blend of cheer and fun gameplay to make it a firm favourite for the festive period – and well worth a gift purchase too.

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Into the Breach


Got a die-hard strategy fan on your gift list? Then Into the Breach just might be the perfect choice for that friend or family member. Comparable to a game of chess, Into the Breach is boardgames made hardcore with gameplay that can span for hours, making it a long-lasting gift that probably shouldn’t be played after one drink too many on Christmas day – unless you want the Vek to win, that is.

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What titles are on your wishlist this Christmas, or what games are you planning to purchase for loved ones? Tell us in the comments below.

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