DarkSpawn Signs League of Legends Team Tú és ún Píráté – An Interview with Ash ‘Wollf’ Dixon

DarkSpawn Signs League of Legends Team Tú és ún Píráté – An Interview with Ash ‘Wollf’ Dixon


DarkSpawn Gaming are excited to announce the signing of League of Legends team Tú és ún Píráté, and we caught up with team member Ash ‘Wollf’ Dixon to discuss joining the DarkSpawn roster, the team’s future plans and the continued growth of the eSports scene.

DS: First of all, welcome to DarkSpawn Gaming. So can you tell us a bit about the team?

Wollf: Yeah sure. So we are currently 4 players, with 2 years of experience of playing together. We started out as randoms at University and got put together into a team to compete in NUEL, since we started in NUEL we have taken part in various tournaments and LANS such as Insomnia 61 and 63 over the last 3 years. This helped us learn how to play competitively and we each grew individually and as a team.

As our skill improved we became a lot stronger and better at the game and we have continued to add to our experiences. Such as myself, being a part of UK proving grounds, we became fairly known-ish thanks to our performance at these LANS going up against the likes of well-known organisations, e.g ExceL Hyperion, Newcastle jags etc.

DS: It’s exciting to have you on board, what made you choose DarkSpawn Gaming?

Wollf: I think we chose DarkSpawn because even though they’re a brand new organisation and they’re not familiar with the scene, we bring a level of professionalism and experience which combined with DarkSpawn’s committed and passionate staff, we feel that we can achieve new heights not just for ourselves but also for the organisation itself. We’re very excited to be working with you guys and to represent you at LANS and other various tournaments.

DS: Of course League of Legends has a huge presence in Esports. What do you hope to achieve going forward with DarkSpawn? Is there a short and long-term plan?

Wollf: Absolutely, Short term we hope to represent the org and we are committed and passionate to this cause, this will also help us improve and go further with the resources and expertise that DarkSpawn will help us with. Long term we hope to make a name for the Organisation and do them proud and win a few LAN tournaments or at least finish in a respectable position. That way we will make the entire staff and other teams proud. And help build the brand of the Organisation.


DS: Out of the many games that are prominent on the eSports scene today, what made you choose League of Legends to begin competing in?

Wollf: I’ve always played LoL and enjoyed the diversity of the game, plus each individual game is a unique set of circumstances. I find the game to be very challenging and constantly changing due to the shifts in the meta. Which means when you put in the hard work and time and effort, you really shine especially competitively. The scene is also fairly new yet well established which makes it ideal for competing in as the scene expands and grows. LoL also has many regions and many different scenes. I personally also have a lot of friends within the scene that I wouldn’t have made if not for LoL. It’s just amazing what it has done and the impact it has had on my life as well as my teammates lives. It’s brought us closer together as we share the same passion and drive for this.

DS: Does your team have a routine for practicing at all, and how do you prepare yourselves for tournaments?

Wollf: Yeah every good team has a schedule we stick to. We all have other jobs and commitments yet it’s always important to prioritise and allocate the time for the team and for our individual goals. It’s a difficult balance some weeks due to all the commitments we have. However, if you’re passionate and committed, it’s not really a chore, it’s something we look forward too. We Scrim 3 times a week at the very least plus we are constantly practicing and researching and bouncing ideas off each other and going over patch notes. To prepare we tend to analyse the meta and come up with the top three picks for each role and anything that’s incredibly strong in this meta. We then try to adapt that particular champion into our playstyle and think about the other picks to see what’s worth it and if we can come up with any solutions to “counter” this strong pick. We also talk to each other, set realistic expectations and support each other. We’re a team first, we’re only as strong as each other. We all have our role to play.

DS: Esports is enjoying a lot more mainstream coverage as time goes on. How do you think the scene has changed since you first started out?

Wollf: Mainly the amount of people that are trying to get into the scene, plus as the game grows and eSports becomes more well known and accepted, the amount of organisations that will start investing in the scene increases, which makes it more marketable and helps it to reach out to a wider fanbase. Back when I was watching the LCS years ago, it was so small and not of the magnitude that it sits at today. The LANS are also getting a lot bigger and more well known. It’s nice really to see how the game has grown and become more independent and stronger since those early days.

DS: You touched on making time to get practice in and working it around your personal schedules, and having both passion and commitment towards what you are doing. Is this the advice you would give to a group of players who are looking to start out themselves?

Wollf: I would recommend that you first have the drive and passion and commitment to improve. It’s difficult but not impossible. As long as you are willing to stay humble and reflect on your games and really analyse and put the effort in by improving your own gameplay, you will improve and get better. Hard work always pays off, just stay focused, stay on track and keep putting one foot in front of the other and one day you will arrive at your destination.

DS: And finally, favourite League of Legends champion?

Wollf: Zed. Hands down.

We look forward to seeing Tú és ún Píráté in action under the DarkSpawn umbrella. Stay tuned for further news and more from the team in the near future.

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