Dead Crab Thrown At Hungrybox Following Pound Victory

Dead Crab Thrown At Hungrybox Following Pound Victory


This past weekend, a dead crab was thrown at Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma by a spectator at Pound 2019 at Laurel Park, Maryland. Hungrybox picked up the championship at the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament, but was also met with a rather crabby attendee (sorry).

Hungrybox had emerged victorious against Joseph “Mang0” Marquez in the grand finals, though was left furious after a crab was launched at the player onstage, during a livestream of the event. Though the perpertrator was identified after fleeing the scene, they were not named.

Hungrybox would later tweet about the situation, stating: “Sorry for losing my temper. Someone threw a f—– raw crab at me. After a 5 set losers run. Barely missed my head. What the f— man.” A tweet from Aposl also stated that the spectator would be subjected to a permanent ban:

Yesterday, Hungrybox had been knocked down to the losers bracket after losing in the first round of the top 8 to Mang0. From here, Hungrybox would go on to put on a dominant display, defeating the likes of Zain Naghmi and Justin “Plup” McGrath, which set up a meeting with Mang0 in the grand finals for a highly anticipated rematch. Hungrybox would then win three out of four in the first series of the finals, before winning another three straight games to take the title.

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