Dead Or Alive 6 Looking to Venture Into Esports

Dead Or Alive 6 Looking to Venture Into Esports


Dead or Alive announced itself on the fighting game scene over two decades ago, and it looks as if developers Team Ninja want the series to keep growing with the release of the delayed sixth installment, with DOA 6 set to launch on March 1st.

The idea of adding more multiplayer options to the next entry in the veteran fighting franchise is to add more options that could encourage and eventually expand it into becoming an eSports title, though as game director Yohei Shimbori alluded to recently, they don’t have any plans on compromising the game’s storyline.

Shimbori stated: “There’s many different kinds of fans for fighting games. Some play it for the story, some play it for esports. We saw that when Street Fighter 5 came out, it didn’t have a story mode, and there was a lot of controversy around that. Once we saw that, we knew that people really wanted a story mode in their fighting games. There are also a lot of fans who really gravitate to certain characters. We focused more on that in DOA5 and the free-to-play versions, and with the expanded customization in DOA6, we wanted the fans to create their own personal versions of that character.”

Dead or Alive 6 releases on March 1st, 2019.

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