Denial Esports Overhaul Call of Duty Roster

Denial Esports Overhaul Call of Duty Roster


Denial Esports have announced a shake up in their Call of Duty roster, which sees a number of former Red Reserve players coming on board for the CWL Pro League outfit.

The pro eSports organisation revealed their brand new roster yesterday, which will be taking part in the upcoming CWL London major tournament, as well as competing in the rest of the CWL season, which will include the highly anticipated Pro League as well.

Excelerate Gaming’s Brack will joining the team also, following the sale of the team’s spot in the CWL Pro League to Elevate. Brack will be joining up with Rated, Bance and Joee from Red Reserve, who were free agents after their team’s withdrawal from Call of Duty eSports as a whole, more or less. Finally, the roster will be joined by Alexx, who had spent the season up to this point with Team Sween, though they failed to qualify for the Pro League back in January.

Denial has kept one member of the original roster, with Ryan “Zeek” Lapierre being the only player who has been retained. This is due to the CWL rules stating that at least one player must be kept in the roster in order to be eligible.

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