DEVIL MAY CRY V: Demo Impressions

DEVIL MAY CRY V: Demo Impressions


Sometimes games companies do things and decide to keep them quiet or maybe I was just under a rock for the last few days, it’s hard for me to tell sometimes. The reason I mention this is because Capcom went and released a demo of their upcoming Devil May Cry V, I know, I didn’t have a clue either but there you go. Anyway, the demo is available on PS4 and Xbox One right now and gives you a slice of Devil May Cry action starring the now short haired and one armed Nero.

Devil May Cry V Title(Is this the new Holy Trinity?)

Using Capcom’s new RE Engine the game looks absolutely stunning with the crumbling Red Grave City being our playground for this demo section of the game. We are given a quick introduction to the returning Nero and his new sidekick and arms dealer, Nico. After this it’s into the action and this is where the Devil May Cry series has always been a hit and it seems the new game is going to be no different. Instantly the action kicked off in a battle with a handful of demonic bug looking creatures and a quick brief of the controls. Gameplay felt really tight with the usual breakneck speed of combat, and in usual Devil May Cry fashion, pulling off even some basic combos makes you feel like demon slaying god. As expected you have the sword and gun based combat in arena type areas, these then open up once all enemies have had enough of you beating their brains out.

Veterans to the series will feel right at home with the controls but Nero himself has a few new tricks up his sleeve with his new Devil Breaker. Working almost as a different type of special move I found myself shooting giant purples magic hand attacks followed by rocket punches and even riding a missile on several occasions. Needless to say that the signature over the top style is still present in the game.

After several skirmishes with the demons of the underworld we are given a quick look at the upgrade system which is done during gameplay by using London style telephone boxes, this actually felt like a really cool touch. With my upgrades bought I pressed forward and we were given a big cinematic between Nero and Goliath, a huge demon who wants to rule the underworld. Of course this then led to a big boss fight and in good old Devil May Cry fashion it was long and very well done. With different areas being crashed into as the fight progressed boss fights require a lot more dodging and evasive maneouvers in order to avoid getting hit and losing Devil Breakers. With Goliath having fallen to my greatness I was ready for more but the demo was not ready to spill any more of the goods and so like all you, I have to wait.

Devil May Cry V Dante(How can he get any more gorgeous?)

I’m very impressed with how fresh Devil May Cry V feels as it has one those new but still feels the same vibes about it but in this case, that is not a bad thing. I especially cannot wait to try using my favourite Red Coated bad ass Dante and see what new comer V brings to the table. Capcom have also confirmed a multiplayer mode for up to 3 players which is a first, I suspect it will be a type of multiplayer Bloody Palace survival mode.

Devil May Cry V is due for release on March 8th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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