Dota 2 – Valve Disqualifies Test 123 (paiN X) From Chongqing Major

Dota 2 – Valve Disqualifies Test 123 (paiN X) From Chongqing Major


Test 123, the Dota 2 eSports team formerly known as paiN X, have been disqualified from the Chongqing Major’s South America qualifier by Valve.

The competition has already made the headlines as of late, with two players being banned for the use of racial slurs. This issue however lies from travel issues, which forced Valve’s hand to make the decision to pull the team from the event.

Test 123’s roster is made up of players from both North and South America, with three players from the former and two from the latter. The team travelled to the region in order to participate in the qualifiers, though those hailing from North America travelled home instead of staying put.

Valve has since revealed that the team had previously contacting them to see if this method of participation and travel would be in breach of any rules. Valve’s response was that Test 123 making such arrangements would see them not being recognised as a South American team, seeing that there would be a team which would be “temporarily traveling to and from a region just to compete in the qualifiers clearly does not provide any meaningful benefit to the region.”

If you’d like to hear paiN X player Quinn Callahan’s thoughts on the matter, head here.

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