Dream Cross Over Games

Dream Cross Over Games


In this day and age we have all types of cross overs; we have cross over movies such as Freddy vs Jason and AvP. We have TV shows doing cross over episodes, there are countless examples of this. We also have a few cross over games and we need to be honest about this, they are normally fighting games such as Marvel vs Capcom, Mortal Kombat vs DC and Street Fighter x Tekken. There are some games out there that gamers have been screaming to do a cross over though, games that make perfect sense to do a crossover with each other. So today, we going to look at games that we simply can’t believe haven’t happened by now.

Resident Evil and Silent Hill:
How on Odin’s green Midgard this hasn’t happened yet I don’t know. Easily two of the biggest names in survival horror, it’s shocking to think that a crossover game made has never been made, but then we have to remember the whole Konami thing. Anyway, this could have been one of the biggest and most head trippy games ever made, with a mixture of Resident Evils gameplay with Silent Hills atmosphere the game would have been a somewhat action-horror. Mixing Resi and Silent Hills enemies could have led to some of the most twisted creature designs in gaming history as well, can you picture Pyramid Head mixed with Nemesis or even the two of them battling? Imagine how deranged a licker would look if designed by Team Silent or if Capcom got their mitts on those creepy nurses. For those of you who demand a story that makes sense it would have to be simply a “what if” type scenario where Umbrella discovers the madness behind Silent Hill and tries to harness it. Characters could be a mixture of both casts. Hell, why not have Cybil and Jill be the playable characters with Harry, James, Chris and Leon bringing up the support. Of course you would have to have Dahlia and Wesker have a face off as well.

silent hill nurse(Let’s see how Leon handles this craziness)

Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat:
Now I know I said that most cross over games are already fighting games but let’s no muck about here. This is a game that has been talked about since the nineties, fans of both series have wanted to see Ryu and Scorpion go head to head for years and to be honest, how this hasn’t happened yet is beyond me. When it comes to the fighting games genre NetherRealm are on top of the world, they’ve got the reviews, awards and guest characters coming out of their ears. They’ve also got one of the best high speed 2D fighting engines in Mortal Kombat and would easily be the guys to pull off this incredible feat. That’s not to say Capcom are slouches but they haven’t got that same perfect track record as NetherRealm and have even had a few dodgy games in recent years. But let’s not deny the fact that NetherRealm and Capcom working together on a Street Fighter Mortal Kombat cross over would not only be awesome but easily one of the best-selling fighting games ever. It would be crisp, well balanced and most importantly high speed insane juggling and this being NetherRealm of course, there would probably be more than a few guest characters thrown in there as well. Think of all those dream matches we could have. Liu Kang vs Fei Long, Chun Li vs Sonia, Ferra/Torr vs Zangief, Sagat vs Goro and of course we would get to finally see M. Bison (Balrog in Japan) vs Shao Kahn, among many many others.

street fighter mortal kombat(Nerd-overload for everyone right here)

Doom and Halo:
So let me set the scene for you here, the Covenant are in tatters, split into several small factions. They need something to bring them back into power and somehow, through an unknown force they are guided towards something humans used to call Hell. A realm where demons run riot, a place where they have an almost unlimited new army to bring to their world to fight for them. So of course they do this, sadly for them upon doing so they also bring forth the bane of hell itself, the Doom Slayer. You’re picturing it aren’t you? Master Chief and the Doom Slayer teaming up to take on the combined might of what I will dub, The Hell Covenant. Obviously you would have a choice between the two heroes depending on your play style with Chief being the slower more tactical of the pair while Doom Slayer would be for those who want a run and gun experience. Id Software and 343 Industries are both huge hitters in the FPS world and so these two giants working together would easily produce a visual delight for the eyes but also an amazingly tight gaming experience for fans of the FPS genre. Music would be an insane mix of Orchestra and Metal, this may sound like an odd mix but if anyone could do it, Mick Gordon could. The only question left is whether these two would scrap over who gets to use the BFG.

doom halo(Best bro-mance in history?)

Uncharted and Tomb Raider:
With both these series receiving the critical acclaim they have it seems like a team up is inevitable. Lara Croft and Nathan Drake seem like a dream couple on paper for both gameplay and story. Both games have similar gameplay, a third person action adventure with exploring, puzzles and of course, fist-fighting. Naughty Dog and Square have been knocking these series out of the park at present and so there is not even a worry of this game either looking bad or playing like crud. Both games also have likeable lead characters with Lara being the more serious one and Drake being the scamp, even though he’s the older of the two, you know us men; we just stay childish no matter what. The story basically writes itself as well, two treasure hunters end up going after the same treasure and have to work together to bring down a big bad. With both games having worked with the super natural you could go nuts with the story as well; you could have all kinds of mythical creatures and treasures involved. Drake and Lara have both been seen to take an absurd amount of punishment through their respective games so fans from both series could enjoy the fact that neither had to have their characters integrity dialed back. This one almost seems like a no brainer at this point but I guess there’s one last thing to think about. Would Lara be able to resist that epic moustache of Sully’s?

Uncharted Sully(I get lost in it everytime)

Don’t get me wrong, I know some of the cross over’s I’ve explained would be impossible but one can dream right? There are potentially unlimited ideas for cross over games and we would love to hear yours as well so feel free to drop a line with your dream cross over games.

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