EGX 2018 – A Quick Look at the Tech Highlights

EGX 2018 – A Quick Look at the Tech Highlights


EGX 2018 is done and dusted, but boy, have they left us in wonder! We saw some really impressive things – both in terms of PC and gaming technologies. EGX has always been one of the prestigious shows for people who’re interested in these technologies. The beauty of this event is that neither of these technologies dominates each other. One moment you would be playing the latest demo of Kingdom Hearts 3 and then you’ll scurry off to get yourself a new gaming keyboard.

There was, however, so much more going on at the event that went beyond introducing new gaming titles and tech. There were some booths that put on such an impressive display that they deserve a special mention; something that we intend to do in this article. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of being at this event, but we’ll give it our best try. So let’s see what all the fuss was about.

Aerocool’s Impressive Gaming Chairs and Systems

Aerocool, one of the biggest names in terms of PC components and designs, stole the show at EGX 2018 without a shadow of a doubt. You may know a lot of their existing and upcoming hardware, but there display at the event left those attending shocked. They’ve upped their game quite a lot. This was especially seen in the case of their gaming chairs.

Aerocool had brought their tech game to the event in partnership with to show off their system builds and brand components. The most notable additions that caught everyone’s eyes were their new peripherals, components, coolers and chassis designs. However, the most stand-out introductions were of their RGB-style gaming chairs.

One of the models that were on display included the Aerocool AC120 Air RGB. This chair included an RGB lighting built into its perimeters which uses an independent power pack. This power pack can be charged using a wireless or wired setting. What’s even more impressive is that these chairs only cost something around £250, which is excellent value for the devoted gamer.

There were, of course, other designs available as well. All of these were already set-up and paired with games and corresponding headsets for everyone to try out. The Aerocool booth had 5 fully loaded and ready PCs for visitors to check out. There was also a lot of knowledgeable support staff at the stall to answer all the inquiries that visitors had.


Corsair Also Brought Their A-Game with All Their RGB Products

Another big name among the giants of the PC component universe is Corsair. We’re sure that the PC at your home may have at least one component from their portfolio of products. While they don’t specialize in specific systems there are a number of components that they had on display at the event. These included mouses, keyboards, power supplies, RAMs and coolers – all of which were combined beautifully with RGB lighting.

In this year’s EGX, the award for best-looking booth would have probably been awarded to Corsair. There was a lot of distinctive and neon RGB on display. Other than this they had custom PC’s on display alongside masses of peripherals. There were no less than 40 different products that could be tried by visitors. The most eye-catching thing in their booth, however, was their RGB wall which formed their distinctive logo using their color patterns.

Most of us have seen the Corsair water tank at other tech shows but this is really worth going over again. For those who still don’t know what this is, this water tank continually drips water into the K68 RGB keyboards as a sign that these products are exceptionally resistant to all kinds of liquid damages. As we saw in other events as well, these keyboards are really tough!


CyberPowerPC Feature Thermaltake at EGX

EGX’s booth for CyberPowerPC featured the largest collection for custom PCs in the event. There were around 20 systems on display here and it was really a fascinating sight – both in terms of products on display and their custom designs. Another major display here was of Thermaltake cooling products that had their own custom builds.

In terms of systems on display, there were just too many to cover so we selected the very best of the best. One of these was the Icue Infinity Xtreme gaming PC. Not only does this system have Nvidia 1080TI graphic card and an Intel i7 processor but it also has an amazing RGB lighting bank. The sight of its neon-pink and blue-green colors was unique enough to take everyone’s breath away.

Visitors got more tech eye-candy with the custom-built systems at this booth. These systems featured the combination of custom loop cooling systems and bright white colors. An example of this was the IN Win Win Bot chassis system which had its custom loop on display. Its spherical chassis was a little too much to fit onto your desk but it was definitely an impressive sight!

Next up, we saw the Infinity X88 Elite gaming PC. The chassis of this system was designed in a compartmentalized layout that was combined with a custom cooling system. Not only does this sound sophisticated but it also looked impressive. Right beside this impressive display was the CyberPowerPC racing simulator set-up. The simulator was spread across using three monitors and provided visitors with a very real and immersive gaming experience. If this wasn’t enough, CyberPowerPC had announced prizes for those visitors that could achieve impressive lap times.

With our list of impressive technologies at EGX 2018, we’ve barely scratched the surface. There was of course, so much more. Getting into all of it could get a little repetitive. You just had to be there to catch the buzz of the technological atmosphere which included MSI systems, gaming chairs, cooling systems and a lot more. If you missed this year’s event, then don’t worry. You should just be on the lookout for next year’s EGX. God knows what next year has in store for us!

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