EGX 2018: Our Standout Games on Show

EGX 2018: Our Standout Games on Show


2018 brought us another EGX and everyone who attended simply loved it. Why did they love it? Because of the highlights of upcoming games, of course! Among these highlights was a behind-the-scenes teaser of the destination at the end of Destiny, some new announcements from Sunless Skies and a live Arcadia Baes panel.

Even if you caught this show online, we’re sure you would have had a great time. There were so many games. Game publishing giants also made their presence felt. These included Rezzed areas, Leftfield Collection and so many more from the list of our favorites.

If you missed the event entirely, don’t worry. We have your back. We won’t be giving you a definitive list of all the releases, but a list of select games that you need to keep your eyes peeled for. As we had roamed the show, we kept a keen eye out for the very best. Here’s what we found.

#1:  Hypnospace Outlaw

We couldn’t have realized how nostalgic this game would make us about the early days of the internet. This includes the colorful bouncing GIFs, the auto-playing MIDI files or Microsoft Encarta’s heavily compressed videos.

This simulation of the early 90’s operating systems has a premise which is very intriguing. In this game, you will have to police an alternative reality of user who are posting or creating problematic content in a rogue manner. This can be in the form of viruses that are in the form of cartoon characters crawling through pages or other issues like copyright infringement. There will also be some secret sites on the dark web which are full of offending articles or harassment.

The whole premise of the game is to suck you in with the nostalgia of the snaking mouse cursors and Winamp skins. Other than this, the virtual currency you’re getting paid by sinister employers in the game doesn’t hurt either though.

#2: Wargroove

This game is quite a rip-off of the game called Advanced Wars – and even though this might sound like a drawback – it is the exact reason why we like it so much. It’s been almost over a decade since we’ve seen anything like Advanced Wars, and the historic developers of the original aren’t going to scratch an itch for copyright infringement.

While we tested the game, we reached the fifth campaign mission quite easily. Here we were charged with extracting 5 refugees and relocating them while we fend off the advances of our enemy. Our strategy in the game was to build wagon units which move a lot of distances per turn while we worked on our defenses too. We did this by employing snipers behind walls and used our knight for those critical strikes.

You don’t even have to defeat all the waves of enemies that are coming at you in the game. All you have to do is formulate a strategy that can work long enough so that the refugees reach their destinations safe and sound. This might sound easy, but wait till you get swarmed with enough enemies on advanced levels. This is exactly why we gave up playing this game at the convention.

#3: Hamsterdam


Have you ever imagined a hamster to an absolute kawaii brawler? Well, the young hamster you play in this game named Pimm is exactly that. He lives in a pleasant town with his grandpa, and like other basic rodents, spends his time learning kung fu and riding his bicycle. Why wouldn’t he? His town soon gets invaded by vermin and his talents are put to the test. You have to help Pimm move through the story to reach the evil chinchilla thug named Marlo with your paws of fury.

The gameplay is so smooth that it actually feels physically wonderful to whoop some furry butt in the game. You will have to do some furious tapping to throw complex punches like a weighty upper cut or the quick side swipe which dodges or block the attack from opponents.

Not only is the arcade part of this game really fun to work with, but you will also sense a progression in the story mode. You will move along Hamsterdam and liberate different parts of the city, which of course include the seedier red light district. Other than this you will also be dressing up your kung-fu hamster by collecting varieties of outfits while also boosting his powers and stats. One of these outfits also includes a scuba mask, because it’s adorable and why not?

#4: Small Talk

As the name suggests, the whole gameplay revolves around you being in a party while the world outside is coming to an end. Every character in the game will be discussing their self doubts and anxieties with you and you are apparently a really good listener.

We’ve probably lost you as it sounds quite bleak up till here, but you really need to read on forward. You fellow party goers aren’t going to be the usual archetypes. Wait what? Well, you’ll find some people with trousers that are actually goldfish bowls or others who have a plate full of food for their head.

Walking around this unique apartment, you will be involved in very human conversations but the visuals on display will be quite other worldly. We don’t know what substance the developers were under the influence of when working on this game, but we’re sure the heartfelt tones of this game are going to provide you with a really positive experience.

#5: Disco Elysium

The best way to describe this game is that it is a cyberpunk board game where a detective who is also a substance abuser solves mysterious murder cases. The whole game is about mental fortitude and strong psychological skills with a touch of dexterity.

It’s quite difficult to make some understand the feel of this game and the closest we could get to it was if ‘Dale Cooper was on MDMA’. The dialogues of this game are also like stabs to your mind and our only concern is that it may actually be too hard for the casual players out there.

Well there you have it. These were our favorite show stoppers from EGX 2018. So what if you missed the event? You should take our word for it and definitely get your hands on these games!

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