“Esports Does Not Exist” Claims German Olympic Federation President

“Esports Does Not Exist” Claims German Olympic Federation President


The world of eSports is growing at an impressive rate, though there are those who do not consider the prospect of competitive gaming becoming an Olympic sport. According to Deutschen Olympischen Sportbundes president Alfons Hörmann, there is a lack of legitimacy where eSports are concerned, stating that “Esports does not exist. And it will not be included in the Olympic program.”

This sentiment was backed up by Hesse Interior and Sports Minister Peter Beuth, who claims that it has “nothing to do with sports” and wants to exterminate the term “eSports” in general. This isn’t an opinion necessarily shared with the German government however, with Landessportbund Hessen Vice Principal Ralf-Rainer Klatt previously disagreeing with Beuth, claiming that players’ approach to joining clubs encourages them to “say that they like to do esports as team sports, then that is something different than when the individual is alone with the console or computer. “You have to consider esports as a part of the digitisation process of our society, which has just arrived in sports.” Also, the State Minister for Digitization, Dorothee Bär, offered support by stating that “esport is sport” in October 2018.

Its also well-known that Germany has been a particular hub for eSports over the years, having hosted prestigious events such as Dota 2’s The International in 2011, which was the first ever million-dollar eSports event. There has also been the likes of the European League of Legends Championship being hosted in Berlin, and not to mention the renowned competitive gaming organiser ESL also being based in Germany.

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