Esports Now Has Its Own Town in China

Esports Now Has Its Own Town in China


Esports continues to be a growing phenomenon on a global scale, but not many could have predicted that it would have had the magnitude to have its own town. However, the Chinese city of Hangzhou has now made this a reality, opening an eSports town earlier this month.

Costing around ¥2B RMB (£226 million) to build, the complex is set to host a number of projects within the next four years, with plans for an eSports academy, as well as a hospital and even its own hotel well underway to be completed by the year 2022. And those who follow the world of competitive gaming may be familiar with Hangzhou, who has its own Overwatch League franchise known as the Hangzhou Spark. The team, owned by Bilibili, will be competing alongside 19 others in next year’s league competition, which kicks of on 14th February 2019.

Not wanting to slow down there, the city of Hangzhou will also play host for the 2022 Asian Games, where it has been rumoured that eSports will have a role to play in the event. This stems from eSports being used at this year’s Asian Games as a demonstration event, and could see the competitive gaming scene being recognised as a medal sport for the first time in history. Exciting times ahead, for sure.

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