Esports to Become a Medal Event in 2019

Esports to Become a Medal Event in 2019


There had been rumblings that there would be an inclusion for eSports in medal events for the first time, and it now appears to be ringing true as the Philippines SEA Games Organising Committee is partnering with Razer to thrust competitive gaming into a whole new territory.

The Southeast Asian Games will be including eSports in the event next year, having previously been a feature of the Asian Games this year. Whilst it was only a taster of what was to come, the 2022 competition will recognise eSports as an official medal event going forward.

A list of what is to be expected is set to drop around mid-December, but so far we know that there will be six gold medals across console, PC and mobile platforms. Each platform gets a fair share of the medals, with console, PC and mobile all offering up two medals for each of their respective events.

What titles will be included in said platforms remains to be seen, especially from PC and console’s perspectives. As for mobile, the first announced game is the popular MOBA title Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. We are bound to here more when the list is released to the public on 15th December.

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