ESports Will Play Key Role in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

ESports Will Play Key Role in Halo Infinite Multiplayer


E3 saw a brief teaser revealed for the highly anticipated next entry into Microsoft’s long-running FPS franchise Halo, entitled Halo Infinite. And from an eSports standpoint, Infinite will be looking to make its mark upon release.

That’s according to head of business, operations and eSports for Halo Elizabeth Van Wyck, who stated that the competitive gaming aspect will play a pivotal part in the game’s development. Speaking at Variety’s Entertainment and Technology Summit, Van Wyck commented: “In developing for the next [Halo] game, it is a key piece of how we think about how we built out multiplayer, which is the mode that our esports is built off of. Thinking about how people will view it. Thinking about how they will play it. But at the end of the day, we have to build an awesome game.”

Van Wyck continued to discuss plans to steer from a community led methodology to putting more investment into the structure themselves: “Halo has a long legacy with esports. But we have let it be community run. It wasn’t until very recently that we looked at the space and said, ‘We want to significantly invest in it and create a structure that not just has longevity but has consistencies that others can build businesses off of.” The summit was a positive stage for discussing the eSports scene, covering a wide variety of topics such as the progress made by the industry, the role that the community has played, and perhaps most importantly, the opportunities that have been created by its inclusion and overall prominence.

So there you have it. Fans can expect to see some hefty investment from Microsoft as far as Halo Infinite eSports are concerned. Meanwhile, the title is expected to release sometime next year, with a launch date yet to be revealed.

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