Worthy Soul?

Fall of light: Darkest Edition is a basic action RPG that obviously takes inspiration from Dark Souls but doesn’t live up to the same standard in any area. The game tasks the player character Nyx with escorting Aether, his daughter, through dark corridors and generally grey and boring environments.

Gameplay involves slow weapon based combat against a variety of soldiers, trolls and demons with the inclusion of some simple puzzles. The diversity of enemy types isn’t bad but it’s the repetitiveness of the action and lack of variety of attacks that make things boring after a while. I played the Switch version of the game and although the graphics aren’t the worst that I’ve seen in an action RPG of this type, the frame rate is poor and I came across a glitch that froze Nyx when blocking during combat. This was a real problem as there’s little margin for error when confronting an enemy. There’s also input lag which just makes combat annoying. It seems like the developers had some good ideas but they weren’t executed properly.

Hard or Unfair?

As someone whos finished some hardcore SNES era platformers I would say that  Fall of Light is tough. You will die, a lot. The difference between dying in Fall of Light and a dying in a game with tight controls is that Fall of Light has poor hit detection and is imprecise which results in cheap deaths. This just leaves you frustrated and creates a false sense of difficulty. I found myself just running past enemies to get to the next area because every time you die they respawn and checkpoints are few and far between.

The gameplay and screenshots I had seen of the game seemed promising and I thought at least it’d have a good atmosphere and story. Unfortunately, although the concept of bringing light back into the world seems like a cool concept the actual story isn’t really expanded upon and the voice acting is terrible. There’s also no ‘in game’ achievements and the menu presentation is poor.

Despite all these faults I can see some people who like Dark Souls style combat enjoying this game as long as they don’t go in expecting too much. If the game would let you grind to level up it’d alleviate a lot of the frustration because when you die you lose the experience you earned after the last checkpoint.

Overall Fall of Light: Darkest Edition could be described as a weaker imitation of Dark Souls. The combat is clunky and unresponsive and feels like it punishes the player for imprecise controls. Despite this the escort element is a good idea and the atmosphere/story has potential. If you can get past these issues you might have some fun with Fall of Light: Darkest Edition.


Author's rating

Overall rating

Graphics=6 Value=7 Gameplay=3
The good
  • Diverse enemies.
  • Good choice of weapons.
The bad
  • Slow, clunky combat.
  • Glitchy and bad frame rate.
  • Imprecise and laggy controls.
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