Fan-Focused Esports Organisation Formed in London

Fan-Focused Esports Organisation Formed in London


A brand new London-based eSports organisation has been established which will aim to put fans in control. Known as LDN UTD, the set up will see fans being given the opportunity to have a say in what games are played, what players come on board, and more.

Those who would like to have an input will do so via Seedrs, a crowdfunding site which will be available for contributions from mid-January 2019. Top plays will also be available to upload at the official site, where you can vote for the best plays and ultimately decide who advances to represent the organisation in eSports tournaments.

January 4th marks the first free community event, which will be an open Fortnite tournament at Loading’s Server Bar in London. From there, the four winners will go on to represent the team at the Estars Fornite tournament, which will be hosted at in a number of football stadiums in the UK in 2019.

Oliver Weingarten of LDN UTD commented: “We believe there is plenty of undiscovered talent. We want to give them an opportunity to realise their dream as professional gamers.” Hopefully, such an organisation will be able to give young and upcoming gamers a chance to realise their dreams of representing an eSports team on the world stage.

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