Feature: The Fall of E3

Feature: The Fall of E3


So, Sony announced that they are not going to bother their big ol’ backsides going to E3 next year; this led to worldwide speculation that they were announcing the PlayStation 5 at their own event. It seemed that most of the Internet agreed with this idea but here at DarkSpawn we have another theory, something that, sad as it may sound, seems a little more realistic. Sony isn’t bothering with E3 because it just isn’t necessary anymore. Now, I know this may not be a very popular opinion but there are a few different reasons why I can sit here now and explain to you why this is.


The cost of E3 is no small thing; we are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars for each of the big companies that do this each year. So some head honcho over at Sony has decided that they need to stop spending so much on an event that is for all intents and purposes, nothing but a huge reveal trailer. This video could easily just be popped up on Sony’s own YouTube channel and just as easily gain as many views, maybe more as it would be first on their channel and not uploaded by tonnes of other sites looking to get a piece of the hype pie.

Leaks and News:

It is an accepted fact that in this day and age everything due to be shown at E3 has already been leaked, revealed or data mined from websites. This in turn is plastered all over the Internet and so when said game is announced, it’s to a crowd of people thinking “Yep, there it is” rather than “Holy $&*! I can’t believe this is happening!” Without any surprises or wonderment, the reason for watching E3 just becomes to see the game you want to see and then switch off as you already know the expected line up. Why bother slewing through trailers for games you don’t care about when you can just check them out on the Internet after the show?

(Then we have this guy)

The Hosts:

There are not a lot of people who can get on stage and genuinely talk about video games in a cool manner, believe me I know, I’ve tried. There have been many hosts on those stages and each time they feel like they are thrown on stage after a night on the tear(that’s Ireland talk for having a few too many drinks the night before). Between Shawn Laydens drawl monotone voice and Phil Spencers embarrassing attempts to be down with the cool kids, it just seems that bringing these boardroom giants out into the open is the worst idea that these companies have ever had.

(It’s like when you’re dad tried to be cool)


Let’s be honest, the moment E3 is over YouTube channels blow up with every gaming site uploading the hottest E3 trailers in the attempt to get views, likes, and comments. So, after all the work, the money and having to listen to Laydens life sucking voice what do the companies get out of it? Some YouTube likes and comments from people who have never worked on game development in their life telling them what they could have done better.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I personally love E3. I’m in that age group that grew up with it and every summer I used to get so excited to see who was announcing what and when I could get my sweaty little palms on them. But in this day and age I can totally understand why Sony have probably had enough of it and decided to pull the plug on their conference and I will bet my bottom dollar that in the next year or two, Microsoft will not be far behind. This means E3 will either become smaller and comparable to something like PAX or the other option is E3 simply dissolves and becomes mere myths and stories we tell our grand kids about the time before the Internet, it will blow their minds.

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  • Skot1

    7th December 2018

    Sounds like you hit the nail on the head.


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