February Nintendo Direct: Highlights

February Nintendo Direct: Highlights


The day has finally been and gone. We got the February Nintendo Direct that we’ve been waiting for! It was a packed one for sure however, has it lived up to expectations? I’m sure you tuned in and so, we won’t go over the whole thing again. Instead, we’re going to round up the highlights, our favourite picks if you will. We will take a look at what was missing but, more on that later. So let’s get into this, what did Nintendo bring and why we’re hyped!

February Nintendo Direct: Highlights

mario_maker_2Super Mario Maker 2

Getting the show off to a great start was of course Super Mario Maker 2. The first instalment of course came to Wii U and later, 3DS. The next in the series promises brand new features and “Many new elements in development”. If somehow Super Mario Maker 1 passed you by, it’s basically a big Mario level editing tool. It lets you make your own courses in the Mario Universe whilst also, letting you play other peoples designs. This version will of course lack the dual screen versatility offered in previous versions. That said, we do have a great touch screen on the Switch. In addition, the portability will let us design away for hours on end. The trailer gave us a pretty good look at the UI which thankfully, looks clean and simple. Coming in June 2019.

dragon_quest_XIDragon Quest XI S: DEFINITIVE EDITION

Another big Role Playing Game, Dragon Quest XI is one that many players wanted to see come to Switch. The February Nintendo Direct gave it to us, but we’re getting more than just a port. This is the first version to feature fully orchestrated field and battle sounds. Players can umm… Switch, between the new and the original. This version also brings either English or Japanese audio and also, promises new stories and secrets. The game looks great, it’s Dragon Quest and it’s coming Fall 2019.

starlinkStarLink: Battle for Atlas – Star Fox DLC

I didn’t see any rumours for this one and it took me by surprise. And what a nice surprise too. It is undoubtable that StarLink on Nintendo Switch is the best version with all the extra Star Fox content. And now we’re getting more! Peppy, Falco and Slippy will be hunting down Star Wolf’s lieutenants Andrew, Pigma and Leon. With their own abilities and skill trees, the DLC brings all new missions while also, allowing the new characters to play Foxes missions from the base game. StarLink is somewhat seen as an unofficial Star Fox game on Switch, so it’s great to see them build upon this in the February Nintendo Direct. Available April 2019.

yoshis_crafted_worldYoshi’s Crafted World

One we’ve known about for a while, Yoshi’s Crafted World looks as charming and adorable as ever. It is shaping up to be one of those titles that only Nintendo could pull off. The game is nearly with us and we will not dwell any more on this one because, you can go and try it right now! Nintendo dropped a Demo at the end of the Direct! I’ve sat down with it and can say, it really is gorgeous and vibrant, plays well and seems to be classic Nintendo family friendly fun. Arrives March 29th.

Fire_emblem_three_housesFire Emblem: Three Houses

This series really needs no introduction. Yet another heavy hitting RPG and one with a beautiful art style. The February Nintendo Direct gives us a taste of the depth we can expect from Fire Emblem. Training students, mastering magic and acquiring special skills is only a part of the bigger picture. Team members can interact and strengthen bonds between one another, making them more effective in combat. Your journey begins July 26th.

tetris_switchTetris 99

Yep, Tetris is in this highlights reel. I’m as surprised as you are however, this is Tetris Battle Royale. 99 Players, only one can emerge victorious. Tetris has always had that addictive quality but in this case, that’s been turned up to 11. You can attack or be attacked by other players, by filling their space with “Garbage”. As ever, the speed picks up as the game progresses and manages to get you on the edge of your seat until either you’re the last player standing, or it all goes horribly wrong. Available NOW and free to Nintendo Switch Online members.

astral_chainAstral Chain

Simply put, this one looks badass. A new action game from PlatinumGames, the trailer here is action packed and has some awesome music. Controlling two characters at once you’ll fight alien creatures with the help of a special living weapon known as a Legion. Art style here looks fantastic and the game action packed. One to look forward to, coming August 30th.

legendofzelda_linksawakeningThe Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening

Oh boy. The big reveal. The February Nintendo Direct really saved the best til last here. There had been rumours and rumblings of a 2D Zelda for a while but to see it confirmed is just amazing. I’m not usually one for remakes of games but after 26 years, an original Game Boy title getting some love is totally cool with me. The game looks beautiful yet faithful to the original, it’s Link, it’s Zelda and it’s going to sell like hot cakes. Links Awakening is a much loved entry in the series and I cannot wait for us to get playing this one. Perhaps we could see more early Zelda titles remade in this style going forward? Please Nintendo? Coming this year.

February_Nintendo_DirectFebruary Nintendo Direct: What was missing?

Well we knew we wasn’t seeing Metroid Prime 4. But many had been hoping for news regarding Metroid Prime Trilogy HD. We didn’t get it sadly. Another one I wouldn’t have been surprised to see, was a Final Fantasy VII “Available NOW” announcement. We know it’s coming in March, and we did get FF9 released after the Direct which is great. But why can’t we have these games in the correct numeric order? Seriously, it’s aggravating my OCD. No Animal Crossing either. All that said, Nintendo isn’t done yet. This is only the first Direct of the year after all, I’m sure there’s lots more to come and we will be sure to keep you up to date.

How was the Direct for you? We have not covered all of the news here. Tell us in the comments what you missed or what you look forward to the most!

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