FIFA 19 Pro Player Banned For Purchasing Ultimate Team Coins

FIFA 19 Pro Player Banned For Purchasing Ultimate Team Coins


EA Sports has been cracking down recently on a number of FIFA 19 pro players who have been found purchasing and selling coins, which fails to comply with the Global Series rules. This has seen multiple players being suspended from taking part in what’s left of the FIFA 19 season, and pro player Kylem “Lyricz” Edwards is now also facing disciplinary action.

Lyricz, who is a part of ‘The Imperial’ and represented Tottenham in the ePremier League, will now miss out on an opportunity to compete in the eWorld Cup Play-Offs, despite being in the top 20 of the FIFA Global Series Rankings. The practice of purchasing coins offers an unfair advantage, since it provides a far cheaper option than buying FIFA Points, and as such it has often sparked the debate that FIFA 19 at a professional competitive level is pay to win.


Fellow FIFA player Kurt Fenech, who is currently serving a ban that he was hit with earlier this year, was on the button to condemn the actions of Lyricz: “Every single person who bought coins not only cheated but f***ed over every single person who he beat in every qualifying round as well as the events he played in. Yeah this game is P2W but how is it fair to those who spent £5k of their own money to get the best team on the game while someone else spent £500 and got the same exact team?”

What’s more, Lyricz tweeted earlier this year to seemingly show his support for the fact that pay to win is present in FIFA 19: “You have a full game cycle every year to earn money through FIFA and working. If your dream is to be a pro FIFA player then save some money and take the gamble. Work some extra hours, it’s not an excuse!”

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