Final Fantasy VII: Remake – Returning to Midgar

Final Fantasy VII: Remake – Returning to Midgar


After waiting for so long, Square Enix gave fans a trailer in May to tease them for E3. The evening before their presentation, the audience of the Final Fantasy VII concert in Los Angeles were treated to a preview of the Final Fantasy VII: Remake trailer. Not long after this preview, the world finally got to hear of the highly anticipated release date.

March 3rd 2020

Although it’s still slated to be released in episodic installments. The first part of the Final Fantasy VII: Remake will focus on Midgar and will give us an expanded storyline that will take up two blu-ray discs. With Midgar consisting of only a small section of the original game, it’s curious on how much we’ll be able to explore the city before leaving to travel the rest of the world. This also could mean that there will be more side-quests to look forward to. This wouldn’t be too surprising, as Final Fantasy VII had a more linear storyline that was already massive at the time of its original release.


Cloud and Tifa ready to fight.

As there’s a limit on how many characters will appear in this version of the Final Fantasy VII: Remake, we’ll most likely only see a few members of the full party. The trailer shown at E3 showed us Aerith, Cloud, Barret, Biggs, Wedge, Jessie and finally – Tifa. Of course, we will be meeting Sephiroth in Midgar but it’s unlikely we’ll meet the entirety of the party in this edition. So far, Cloud, Barret, Aerith and Tifa are the only characters we’ve seen in battle – but there is a chance that Red XIII will be introduced later on in the game.


Final Fantasy VII: Remake Gameplay - Cloud battles enemies in Midgar.

As an action RPG we can expect some similarities to other modern titles that Nomura has worked on. The main addition to battles in the Final Fantasy VII: Remake are an ATB bar that allows you to use special techniques when it fills up – including materia if your MP is good, Braver and other techniques. It also looks extra cool with everything slowing down around you.

Interestingly, they’ve explained that you can play the Final Fantasy VII: Remake at whatever speed you like. So, if you like thinking about your strategy then you still can, same with if you just want to battle at high speeds.

You can also control the rest of your characters in battle and change between them to use their strengths against different opponents. So for long range attacks then Barret is there – and magic, you’ll have Aerith, and melee combat, you have Tifa. I’m still unclear of how changing characters goes about – but it’s definitely possible as shown by the boss fight between Cloud, Barret and the Scorpion Sentinel.


Final Fantasy VII: Remake - First Class Edition Deluxe Version

Naturally, the Final Fantasy VII: Remake is already available for pre-order on the Playstation and Square Enix stores, with extras including an artbook, mini soundtrack, a steelbook case and DLC. Alongside all of this, the Square Enix store has a special First Class edition that includes everything from the deluxe edition and an additional Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife and a Hardy Daytona figure.

This one is only available on the Square Enix store, and only one is available per customer at the cost of £260.

Future Games

Sephiroth Returns

It has not been confirmed how many games the Final Fantasy VII: Remake will contain, but it’s confirmed that they will all release on the Playstation 4. There’s been no information regarding the future additions to Final Fantasy VII, but it is known that with Midgar working as a stand alone game, the rest will be expanded on a similar way.

However, this is something that only time will be able to tell.

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