First Ever All-Female Collegiate Esports Match Takes Place Tonight

First Ever All-Female Collegiate Esports Match Takes Place Tonight


Tonight marks the first ever all-female collegiate eSports match in the US, with Suny Canton scheduling a match against women’s college Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. As expected, both teams are made up entirely of female players, and is the first known and recognized collegiate eSports match under those particular circumstances.

The match will begin tonight at 7PM ET, and will see the two teams participating in 2018’s eSports game of the year, Blizzard’s popular hero shooter Overwatch. Head eSports coach Robert J. Snow commented: “Nationally and in the college ranks, the majority of eSports participants are young men. We’ve been fortunate to have the strong leadership of team captain Emily A. Oeser, who jumped at the chance to assemble an all-women’s team and ensure we were including our female competitors who wanted to compete in varsity esports.”

Keep an eye out for more from Extreme Networks, who serve as the partner of the college where eSports are concerned. If you’d like to check out the competition this evening, then head over to the Suny Canton Twitch Channel later today. It will be interesting to see how the match plays out, and what will be next for the competitive gaming scene for all-female teams.

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