FlyQuest Leaving Rocket League, Transfers Made to Rogue Gaming

FlyQuest Leaving Rocket League, Transfers Made to Rogue Gaming


FlyQuest has taken to social media to announce that they are no longer competing in Rocket League, opening the door for the transfer of Wesker, Wonder and AyyJayy to Rogue Gaming. The eSports organisation made the announcement on Twitter, which also leaves PrimeThunder a free agent.

FlyQuest has yet to reveal exactly why they have decided to leave the competitive side the indie smash hit led by developers Psyonix. Regardless, the team appears to have found new teams, with AyyJayy commenting: “Very thankful for everything FlyQuest has done for our team and supported us till the end, excited for 2019.” FlyQuest returned the sentiment, stating: We’re proud of their accomplishments while members of FlyQuest and we wish them the best of luck in their careers!”

Going forward, it will be exciting to see exactly what Rogue Gaming con achieve in 2019 as AyyJayy alluded to. As for FlyQuest, who released the statement in the image below, they will be looking to find new players and new game titles to join the organisation, with an additional emphasis on player development, which looks to be a priority for the time being.

Hopefully FlyQuest will outline further reasons as to why they have decided to withdraw, though it has served to benefit Rogue Gaming, who look to be in for a busy 2019.

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