Fnatic Rising Crash Out of EU Masters

Fnatic Rising Crash Out of EU Masters


Fnatic Rising suffered a semi-final loss to Germany’s SK Gaming Prime in the League of Legends European Masters, seeing the UK team crash out of the competition.

Game One had started promisingly for the UK side, as Dan managed to claim first blood to get proceedings well underway. However, it was SK that soon looked the more threatening shortly after, and showcased their dominance in the early stages. SK would then go on to control the first game after securing two ocean drakes and racked up the kills collectively as a team. Game One would end with SK having a 56k to 44k gold lead over Fnatic Rising, with a kill lead of 12-5.

As for Game Two, Fnatic got off to a much better start. Having picked up early kills, turrets and drakes, things appeared to be looking up for the trailing team, though SK soon clawed their way back into the action.

On the 30 minute mark, Fnatic Rising took out four SK players before taking the mountain drake. In the next five minutes, they would go on to take the baron and the elder drake. The tides would eventually turn in the favour of the German side, as the 48 minute mark struck SK would win a battle at baron before storming Fnatic’s base to take the game, ending with 89k gold for SK to Fnatic’s 85k, and 18 kills for SK to Fnatic’s 20, giving SK a 2-0 win overall.

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