Fortnite World Cup Offering $3 Million Prize Pool For Creative Mode Competition

Fortnite World Cup Offering $3 Million Prize Pool For Creative Mode Competition


For those who enjoy the creative side of Fortnite, this may well be of interest to you. Epic Games has announced they will be holding a $3 Million competition based in the game’s Creative mode, which will take place in July at the World Cup.

Whilst players are currently battling it out in the qualifiers ahead of the World Cup, there will also be 15 players competing at this Summer’s event, with 15 players taking part in five different challenges. Content creators have been using the building mode, similar to ideals offered by fellow gaming powerhouse Minecraft, to challenge others to play with. This has now been formed into a competition on a big stage, with a hefty prize fund there for the taking.

Between April 29th and June 7th, Fortnite will be putting forward five different Creative mode challenges for players, each of which will be built by a different content creator. Renowned FaZe Clan player “Cizzorz” has built the first trial, and will also serve as a judge in the competition. You may know Cizzorz from Fortnite’s Creative mode already, with him having created a number of obstacle courses already, and offers prizes to those who can record the best time.

A total of 15 players will be heading to New York City on July 26th to compete for the $3 Million prize pool, at the Fortnite World Cup which is offering a staggering $30 Million to the winner of the Battle Royale competition.

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