Fox Sports To Broadcast FIFA 19 Esports Events

Fox Sports To Broadcast FIFA 19 Esports Events


Fox Sports has announced that they will be hosting FIFA 19 eSports events throughout the course of 2019. These Global Series events will take place in the US, as well as other territories including the FIFA eNations Cup in London and the season finale of the hotly contested FIFA eWorld Cup.

If you would like to check out all the action, then you can do so for the eNations Cup live on FS2, or alternatively through the Fox Sports app. Also, Fox serves as an investor to the streaming platform Caffeine, where the Global Series events will be broadcast. Here, streamers will be sharing their knowledge of the virtual beautiful game on their respective streams. In similar fashion to other streaming platforms such as Twitch, streamers will also be able to host the eNations Cup streams, giving a place for their own personal fans to watch the event with them.

Brent Koning, the FIFA competitive gaming commissioner for EA Sports, commented: “Building upon last season’s success, the EA Sports FIFA 19 Global Series is engaging and entertaining esports and football fans around the world. The superstars of competitive FIFA are creating an amazing narrative of competition and rivalry, fuelled by amazing gameplay and skill on the virtual pitch. Partnering with an established leader in football broadcasting such as FOX Sports will only accelerate our growth and build momentum towards this season’s finale.”

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