Games That Need Cross-Play

Games That Need Cross-Play


With Rocket League being the next game to have full cross-play I thought to myself “Hmmm…. I wonder what other games this would suit?” As I’m sure you’ve probably guessed at this stage, I’m going to tell you but obviously I’ll explain why these games would be perfectly suited for cross-play. So, rest your weary bones as I discuss the perfect games for full cross-play.

Dead by Daylight:
This asymmetrical multiplayer horror game would be a perfect candidate for cross play. In Dead by Daylight four players must work together to survive and escape from the one killer player by fixing a number of generators. Survivors can only run, hide and distract the killer; they cannot kill the deranged lunatic trying to hang them from meat hooks. This would be the ideal playground for a cross play game as players from all platforms could survive and repair generators together to escape their killer. No system would have an advantage over the other as killers mainly use melee weapons and with only 2 at present having any form of ranged attacked but even at this, they are limited in distance and speed. The community for Dead by Daylight is still very strong after nearly 2 years and bringing them all together could only lead to more crazy capers and horrific filled moments.

Dead by Daylight(I’ll be out to save you in a second, I promise)

Monster Hunter World:
If there was ever a game that was built for cross-play, this was it. Banding together with friends to battle gigantic oversized beasts is all well and good by yourself but with buddies it is a whole different ball game. Being able to cross-play would obviously lead to bigger guilds, busier gathering hubs and of course, lots of pints being drunk. As the game is more on the co-op side of things rather than competitive, cross play would simply serve as a way of lettings friends on different platforms play together without leading to any platform based battles. At this point in its life the game does offer some platform exclusive armours but this can be worked around in the same way Rocket League dealt with it. Basically anyone playing Rocket League on PS4 using Sweet Tooths van from Twisted Metal is seen as Merc, a car available to all platforms. This method could therefore be applied to Monster Hunter World, anyone using the Aloy amour on PS4 could be seen in bone armour on other platforms.

Monster Hunter World(I hear they taste like chicken)

Vermintide 2:
Similar to Monster Hunter, Vermintide is a co-op only game. Set in the Warhammer fantasy universe the game sees you and three buddies go through levels cutting, smashing, burning and basically being very un-nice to hordes of Ratmen, known affectionately as Skaven. Combat is mostly melee but there are ranged options on the characters different variations and so both controller and mouse and keyboard players would have no issues keeping up with each other. With Vermintide only recently being released on PS4 adding cross to the game could only help build on its success as it would allow people who may be new to the game to get some help from those with a bit more experience. The only real competiveness to be found in Vermintide is with who killed the most of the Rat scum and so this is why I believe this would be a great game for cross-play.

Vermintide 2(Man, that guy should play basketball)

Mortal Kombat 11:
The game may have only been announced but I honestly believe that one of the best things they could do is push cross play. Obviously unlike the other mentioned games, Mortal Kombat 11 is extremely competitive in its multiplayer. This is why I believe adding cross play could be huge for it, especially if it does the same type of thing Street Fighter V does on its loading screen and tells the players who is using what platform. Not only are you fighting then for your own pride but you then also battle for the pride of your platform. While some may see this is a little immature, I honestly believe that this could be the thing that really pushes the success of cross-play. With fighting games usually either played by pad or stick, there would be no advantage between playing on any particular platform. I therefore pray that Mr Boon pushes this and it becomes a reality.

Mortal Kombat 11 Baraka(Who say’s violence can’t bring people together)

Battlefield V:
Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking straight away. “PC players will have an advantage with mouse and keyboard over controller.” I’m here to explain that they won’t for a simply reason. I have been looked at by my friends like I have grown a second nose when I say that the idea of mouse and keyboard superiority is all in our heads. The reason I believe this is due to the fact that I have played multiple games on PC online such as Quake Champions, PUBG and Battlefield 1 using a controller and won, many times, easily.
Now that I have got that out of the way I can now explain why Battlefield V would be a perfect game for cross play. By adding more players from different platforms it could only help players find full matches quicker and allow for better team work as friends on different platforms could play together. Of course it could also allow for my dream of entire armies made of single platforms to battle it out to become a reality (I know, maybe I have a problem).

Battlefield V Squad(You should always paint your friends face for them)

There are of course many other games that would suit having full cross play and these are only my suggestions. So please, feel free to drop a message in the comments to tell us what games you want for cross-play, we’d be happy to hear them.

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