Gen.G Adds Samsung to Sponsorship Lineup

Gen.G Adds Samsung to Sponsorship Lineup


Samsung Electronics has partnered up with Gen.G to become an official sponsor, adding the team to renowned company’s roster of eSports teams. The Seoul-based outfit plays host to the likes of Overwatch League competitors Seoul Dynasty, and with this deal will be provided with the most up to date SSDs and much more. The introduction of SSDs from Samsung helps aid issues such as decreased lag, giving those who use it a more stable experience over long periods of gaming.

Market research suggests that the competitive gaming market will be worth $1.7 billion by as early as next year, so its easy to see why the likes of powerhouse companies such as Samsung would be keen to invest in such a promising venture.

Gen.G Esports’ head of marketing, Edward Choi, commented: “To continuously improve the players’ performance, it is vital to establish a fast and stable computing environment. I am very excited to have this opportunity to enhance players’ performance and exhibit high-performance Samsung SSD hardware through this official sponsorship deal with Samsung Electronics.”

Meanwhile, Gen.G is also partnered with the likes of gaming hardware stalwarts Razer, Korean-based gaming chair manufacturers Sidiz, as well as networking company Netgear who will be lining up alongside Samsung.

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