Giants Software Announces Farming Simulator Esports League

Giants Software Announces Farming Simulator Esports League


Yes, the rumours are indeed true; Farming Simulator is getting its own eSports league, with the first season to be competed in across Europe. The 10 tournaments will offer a prize pot of $280,000, courtesy of Giants Software.

In 2018, the series’ developer hosted the Farming Simulator Championship Series, and along with other events being put on of the same ilk, it has in turn attracted a competitive playerbase that’s eager to showcase their agricultural prowess. This time around, sponsors such as Intel, Noblechairs and Logitech will be involved, with a more conventional eSports setup. The upcoming events will see players earning circuit points at established exhibitions such as Gamescom, which will culminate at FarmCon 2020 where the winner will emerge with $110,000 worth of prizes.

The announcement from Giants Software may come as a surprise to some, but there is little doubt that Farming Simulator has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and many will be eager to see how it performs on the competitive stage. Not only has the franchise enjoyed more time in the mainstream limelight, it has even prompted a custom controller for dedicated players that know their way around a virtual combine harvester, giving more motivation to spend their valuable gaming time ploughing fields and such.

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