God Of War – Game Of The Year 2018

God Of War – Game Of The Year 2018


I have to admit I only managed to stay up for about an hour/hour and a half of the fifth Game Awards and I was left wishing I could have pulled an all-nighter, in fact, I very nearly did.

When Red Dead Redemption 2 won Best Narrative Award (I was still awake then) I thought it was going to be a clean sweep and indeed it did pick up the most awards. It also won awards for best performance for Roger Clarke as Arthur Morgan, best music for Woody Jackson and Daniel Lanois’ score and best audio. However, as it turned out, the big prize was headed somewhere else.

God Of War scooped the big one – Game Of The Year alongside awards for game direction and was named Best Action or Adventure Game of the Year.

There were awards for Celeste and Fortnite and some impressive teasers. Obsidian, fitting in neatly with the overall theme of the ceremony ‘Worlds Will Change’ revealed The Outer Worlds to an expectant audience. A consortium of mega-corporations has bought and paid for a new colony in a star system far from humanity’s homeworld. Within it are two habitable worlds, and when the game begins terraforming operations are already well underway. The game opens with the main character waking on board a massive starship, freshly thawed after a much longer than expected journey.

Far Cry New Dawn impressed me and Among Trees didn’t. Watching the top brass from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo share the stage in a display of collective industry virtue signalling was a bit awkward. We are all grown-up adults here and therefore we all know that no matter how sincere your commitment is to the industry and gamers as a whole your still all in business to make more money than the guy standing next to you.

The Game Awards are only in their fifth year but to all intents and purposes, it is such a slick event it looks like their fiftieth. Long may they continue.


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