Groovy! Ash Williams coming to Dead by Daylight

Groovy! Ash Williams coming to Dead by Daylight


So yesterday, (March 19th) Dead by Daylight released its new chapter, Demise of the Faithful, which introduced a new killer, survivor and map for players. Interestingly though a leak has been found in the console version which suggests everyone’s favourite big chinned Deadite slayer is coming to the game in the future as a playable survivor.

This can be found in the game perks when playing the ‘Kill your Friends’ mode, this allows you to choose from the all the perks for all survivors and it seems they may have jumped the gun in the last update as you can view and even use perks related to Ashley J. Williams, the hero of the Evil Dead film and TV series.

Dead by Daylight Ash Perk

Seeing as there literally has just been a new chapter for the hugely popular online horror game it stands to reason that it may be a while before we see Bruce Campbell’s crazy faced hero go head to head with the entity and friends. I am curious, and hopeful if I’m honest, to know if Campbell will provide any lines for the loud mouthed and cocky ‘Hero from the Sky’. This could also mean that the famous cabin in the haunted woods could be the map that comes with him which would make for some creepy as hell fun with living trees and over friendly branches, though I doubt they would put that in the game.

The last thing to be considered is the killer that will come with him. Could it be Linda, his Deadite girlfriend who Ash chopped to bits? Perhaps they’ll bring back Evil Ash and have him swing his sword once again. Maybe they’ll go even crazier and have possessed Ash as the killer, which could make for a weird game if they have his power that he turned normal for short time to blend in with other survivors then goes all Deadite on them.

Whoever they choose it’s clear that Dead by Daylight has no intentions of slowing down its content and famous faces as the game already features the likes of Michael Myers, LeatherFace, Freddy Krueger, Laurie Strode and Detective Tapp. It seems like fans have been asking for Ash for quite some time and like any good developer, Behaviour Interactive have listened and delivered. Now all we have to do sit back, buckle up and get ready to hail to king baby.

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