Halloween Special: Top 3 Indie Games You Won’t Want to Play Alone

Halloween Special: Top 3 Indie Games You Won’t Want to Play Alone


‘Tis the season for spooking – and these three indie games that are sure to get that hair up on the back of your neck

There’s nothing like a good scary game to get the blood pumping, start you see things in the shadows and make you paranoid about wearing those headphones late at night in case something creeps up behind you (or is that just me?).

Whether you’re a scary game fan or a bit of a scaredy-cat, you’ve got to admit there are some excellent titles out there designed specifically to make you feel the fear. Here are just three of my top picks for indie titles you won’t want to play alone this Halloween.



The latest title from the creators of the Amnesia series, Soma got a bit of a neutral reaction on release, with many fans of the previous games saying it just didn’t have the depth of its predecessors. But if you’re a fan of existential awe, a dash of chase-y monster sequences and a plot that’s both deep and horrifying, then why not immerse yourself in the WAU and spend a few hours being stalked by horrendous deep-sea creatures, and the occasional sweary fish-robot.

Soma is one of those games that, by daylight, you can certainly enjoy for its stylistic choices and attention to details, especially when the story is particularly airtight and intriguing, but by night everything about this game is spooky; from the ghostly underwater feel to never knowing if that horrific creature has spotted you or not until it’s too late.

Dead by Daylight


What would happen if you took slasher flicks and merged it with a competitive video game? The result is Dead by Daylight, and while on the surface it’s not the scariest game out there, it’s also perfect Halloween fare – especially if you’re a fan of playing online games in a group with friends where you can not only play in relative harmony but also throw each other under the bus at your will if you so wish.

Faced with grotesque killers that are hell-bent on sticking you on hooks to sacrifice you to an evil sky-god(?), the plot isn’t what’s important about Dead by Daylight. Instead, it’s all about listening to your all your friends (or yourself) shrieking in panic as they’re chased by the hideous pig-head thing from Saw or the iconic Michael Myers; after all, that’s what Halloween is all about, isn’t it?



If ‘unsettling’ and ‘a creeping sense of dread’ are two phrases you like to apply to your game choices, then Darkwood has a heaping helping of both for you to enjoy. Disturbing, distressing and slightly traumatising at the best of times, Darkwood is a modern masterpiece when it comes to suspense, which it somehow manages to pull off in a simple top-down perspective with relatively minimalistic gameplay.

Faced with eldritch horror and some truly fantastic – if disturbing – storytelling, Darkwood makes the most simple of mechanics into something far more ominous, from barricading yourself against the horrors of the night and cowering in the light of your single lamp to exploring increasingly bizarre and terrifying environments and meeting frankly unsettling characters along the way.

Feeling spooky? What games are you going to be scaring yourself with this Halloween season?

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