Have Pop Vinyls gone too far?

Have Pop Vinyls gone too far?


Addiction is a tricky foe to battle, especially when it’s an expensive side-hobby. Buying one of these won’t set you back much, but that’s only if you buy just one. When it becomes a goal or you’re striving to complete a set, can you really stop? Or more importantly, is there even a need to stop?

What is a Pop Vinyl

If you haven’t already heard about the near-decade old craze, I’ll explain. A typical Pop figurine is a small vinyl statue standing 3¾ inches tall. Some are as small as 1½ inches, supersized models measure up to 6 inches, and the largest is a special one-off Groot that’s 10 inches. Now that’s some lengthy wood. Each individual Pop is uniquely based on characters from films, tv shows, anime, games, or to put it simply: anything with a big enough fan-base.

A bit of history

In 1998, a new company named Funko was founded, specialising in bobble-heads. Funko then went on to produce a new line that debuted in 2010, initially called Funko Force 2.0, but later changed to Pop! Vinyl. People fell in love with the strangely abnormal, yet certainly cute, figurines and as like many fans, they started to invest. With increasing revenue -over £330million in 2016- the company has been thriving since creation and has designed over a thousand unique Pop Vinyls.

Is there an issue?

Being critical of someone’s hobby for no constructive reason is a no bueño. Although, it is justified if it begins to invade the life of others. As mentioned earlier, buying Pop Vinyls can be addictive. If the addiction is overwhelming, then it can lead to an array of consequences such as debts or destructive behaviour, the same for any compulsion. In this view, yes – Pop Vinyls can be seen as a malicious attempt to exploit collectors for their money. But isn’t that every product on the market?

The perks

The way I, and many others, see it is a hobby with innocent intentions, in fact it even has its perks. A short interview with Evan Martinez, an avid collector and moderator of the Facebook group Roman Ro’s Collectible Coliseum, has highlighted many virtues of collecting. When asked why he collects Pop Vinyls, he presented three wholesome reasons: enjoyment, community and insurance.

Evan Martinez’s collection of Overwatch Funko products

It’s not hard to see why people enjoy collecting these adorable figurines. One or two can make a sweet addition to a bedside cabinet, or a plethora stacked up is undoubtedly impressive. When Evan was asked what he thinks of his collection, he simply replied: “it makes me happy”. It’s common knowledge that being in a happy environment is key to a happy life, thus leading onto the second perk: community. During the interview, Evan mentioned “the community, for the most part, is great … I’ve met a lot of close friends of mine through the hobby.” Collecting opens doors, encourages you to make connections, and most rewardingly links you to new people with a common interest, which is the basis of a friendship. Finally, the last benefit aforementioned: buying Pop Vinyls and keeping them in mint condition, like Evan does, is an investment, as well as an insurance policy in case money, is short.


Do these perks outweigh the possible onset addiction, or unfulfillable desire to collect them all? Everybody is different, some are prone to addiction and others find solace in amassing walls of Pops. Whatever you choose to buy is up to you to decide; the customer should always be aware of what they’re buying into.

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