Hitman 2’s December updates continue with timed “Holiday Hoarders” event

Hitman 2’s December updates continue with timed “Holiday Hoarders” event


Santa Claus is coming to town.  Except it isn’t really Santa Claus. It’s a ruthless, bald-headed, genetically engineered assassin for hire dressed up to look like Santa Claus.  And provided you’ve not made his naughty list, he’s bringing along plenty of delightfully murderous festive treats for you to enjoy.

Starting 18 December, the “Holiday Hoarders” event from 2016’s Hitman returns, which sees the Parisian palace from its debut episode covered in seasonal decorations, and the previous assassination targets replaced with a series of Home Alone-themed challenges.  Completing these challenges will reward you with a unique Santa outfit for use in any of the game’s missions (and the right to brag about killing Harry and Marv with an exploding propane flask, of course).

Keep in mind, however, that this event (and the opportunity to unlock the Santa outfit) ends on 8 January, so if you’re keen on role-playing as the anti-Claus you’ll have to act fast. 

But the goodies don’t stop there. As part of the game’s commitment to “live content”, additional ongoing rewards can be earned by completing featured contracts.  Complete enough contracts and a range of new weapons will be added permanently to 47’s inventory.  

Finally, the update brings with it a bevy of bug fixes for both the main game and the legacy missions.  It also remedies a number of instability issues on PS4.  Thankfully, I am happy to report that the homing briefcase bug has not been fixed, meaning you’ll be able to continue using this bug feature unabated. A true Christmas miracle.  

Content for Hitman 2 is not expected to slow any time soon.  Developers IO Interactive have promised a full January roadmap in early 2019 to showcase upcoming content, and you can expect a packed lineup of elusive targets to slay all throughout the next year.  Though I will be very disappointed if they’re not all Sean Bean in various guises.      

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