Well, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so we’re told at least (yes, I’m the grumpiest of Christmas grumps). This means a lot of game developers start throwing out Christmas related items and costumes into games. This made us think though, is this really worth it? Sure, it’s all well and good to have Roadhog with a glowing belly button while playing Overwatch and having M. Bison in a Santa outfit while he beats Ryu’s scrubby face in is pretty funny but there are few things that need to be taken into consideration when doing this which I will happily explain.

As mentioned a few sentences ago Christmas and I don’t exactly see eye to eye, we don’t agree with each other or to be more exact I don’t like it and it’s not a conscious being so it doesn’t know I exist but you get the idea. The point of my rambling though is that I am always arguing with my other half as to when the decorations go up in our house, she wants them up pretty much as soon as Halloween is done where as I am more of a “wait until the first of December” kind of guy. This then could be the same logic for people putting Christmas outfits onto their gaming characters; do you really want to see Santa hats in Fortnite and PUBG in the middle of October? As much as developers love to give us these outfits and costumes they have to take peoples sanity into order. They are droves of people who have been adding the Christmas spirit into their games as early as October this year, believe me I’m an avid Tekken and Overwatch fan, I’ve seen it. I therefore put this point out to you, calm down a bit when using Christmas outfits and DLC. Think to yourself, have the decorations gone up in my house yet? No? Then I’ll wait before I pop that Santa hat onto my dwarf and run around Azeroth.

OverWatch Santa Torbjorn
(If you wear this in July then you probably have your Christmas decorations up in October)

The next thing that seriously needs to be thought about is the prices of these DLC’s. Now let me be clear, a Christmas unlock and paid Christmas DLC are two very different things. Unlocking stuff is a reward for working your thumbs down to the bone and getting something at the end, which is fine. Paid Christmas DLC’s on the other hand always make me wince a bit. In this instance we are talking about a costume or an item that you will probably only wear for a month (or two if you’re over excited as discussed) and then that’s it. After the holiday period ends you put it away for a solid year before you get use it again and this is where issues start to arise for me. First off, who is to say that you will still be playing that game next Christmas? You just paid £4 for hat that you will wear once and then boom, a new more awesome comes out and that’s then end of that. Let’s be nice about the situation though and say that you are still playing the game a year later. All that is going to happen here is that a new type of Santa hat will be released and you’ll buy that one instead of putting the old one back on, after all, you can’t be seen wearing last year’s hat, that ridiculous. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not here to lay waste to holiday theme DLC or events but I just can get behind paying money for something that, as much you physically could keep using on a character for the rest of the year no one really would, I mean, would they?

Street Fighter V Christmas Axel
(No surprise Capcom are at it)

So I finish with a request to everyone out there, instead of throwing money at developers for elf outfits and reindeer antlers, take a breather and hold off. Save your hard earned cash for the real good Halloween stuff, it’s usually way more awesome and can be worn all year round. What? It totally can.

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