How to deal with awful Lucioball players

How to deal with awful Lucioball players


Whether you’re like me and have to play Lucioball with randoms, either because your friends hate the Rocket League spinoff or they are atrocious at it, or you’re even more unlucky to have friends who are bad at the game, you might actually find this blog useful. Whether it is normal Lucioball or Copa, we all know that if there’s an AFK on your team then you’re likely doomed. However, what people don’t seem to realise is that if you have a truly terrible player, they can unintentionally team against you, which is much worse than an AFK.

Oh no, my teammate lacks any skill

It just isn’t fair to hate on a fresh Lucioball player, we were all new to this mode once. For a few of us, all it took was one or two games to gather the basic skills. For most of us, it’s taken quite a while to learn to not hit the ball every chance we get, but some haven’t even understood that yet. If you have a freshling (my nickname for fresh players) on your team then you’re effectively battling against an enemy team of four, or five if you’re really unlucky. Often their strategy is to chase the ball regardless of where it ends up and to hit it also regardless of where it ends up, even if it means towards their own goal, feeling satisfied just because they touched it. In the rare case that one decides to stay in goal, chances are that they’ll be abandoning it as soon as the ball crosses to your half of the pitch, leaving the goal open and humiliating goals in.

What makes matters worse is if the freshling disregards any communication you desperately try to salvage the game with. If this is the case, then the best thing to do is to guard your goal, or even better: order your other teammate to do it. That ensures you have a full-time defence, allowing you to be on the attack with actual potential to score goals. Even though a loose freshling can be quite the annoyance, it can’t do as much harm as one you’re expecting something of.

Help, I love my friend but he’s bringing my SR down

Have you ever had the heart-breaking conversation to your best friend explaining why you won’t play Comp or Copa with them? Or have you lied and said you were busy then changed your online status to invisible? I’ve been in a situation before where I’ve lied about being in a group of three, then my friend joined anyway as a spectator. That was not fun. So now I’ve accepted having a bipolar SR, and as a result, I’ve figured out a tactic that suits playing with a ‘less-able’ friend. It works similar to dealing with a freshling, but with a bit more purpose. Simply either stay in goal yourself or convince your more decent teammate to be the goalkeeper, then the one who’s not allocated a duty should act as the shooter or midfielder. As for the less-capable friend, order him to stay in the top right (or left) corner nearer the enemy’s goal. That way he has a chance to shoot or intercept, but he’s not right in front of the goal so he’s less likely to block. Not to mention it’s also very unlikely he’ll score an own goal or muddle up in the middle. It’s a very simple strategy and is the most effective plan I’ve put into action.

Don’t let SR ruin a friendship

If playing with friends is great fun for you, then keep it that way. If it means not playing Copa Lucioball then fine, stick to regular, it’s just as good. If you choose to play with randoms, keep in mind that they are just random people with random skill levels. You are in control of your life. Be great. Hit all the balls.


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