Team DarkSpawn Finish high at I64

Team DarkSpawn Finish high at I64


This weekend, we attended Insomnia 64 in the Birmingham NEC to compete in the League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive BYOC tournaments. It was the first time DarkSpawn has attended an Insomnia event so we were looking to make our mark. But how did our teams perform?

League of Legends

Our League of Legends team continued their journey with us following the completion of the inaugural UKLC split. Going into the weekend, many predicted us to make it to the Grand Final of the tournament. With a £2,500 prize pool, there was a lot on the line.

Top – Akkers
Jungle – PFI
Mid – Beeley
ADC – Fax
Support – FastLegged
Manager – Synygy


On Friday, the tournament kicked off with the group stage. This was in a Swiss format with the top 8 teams qualifying for the playoffs. Our team started the day by taking wins against Meamspeak and Phil fkin gaming. We then took a third victory against fellow UKLC contenders and tournament favourites Enclave. This was largely due to a huge performance by our ADC (Fax) on Lucian who ended the game with a KDA of 11/1/6. The final game of the day was against NoEGO in which the team suffered their first loss of the tournament.

We finished the group stage with 3 wins and 1 loss. This gave us second seed and put us in a strong position for the rest of the weekend.


Saturday saw the playoffs begin. The format was double elimination and each game was best of 3.

We started the day with a match against Spoilers Alert where we were able to take a convincing 2-0 victory. Next, we once again faced Enclave. Confidence was high within the team after taking them down on Friday but unfortunately we were not able to repeat the result of the previous day and lost 2-0.

This defeat dropped us to the loser’s bracket where we took on Tsticks Demented Cousin in our final game of the day. A solid 2-0 victory here left us with at least a top 4 placement heading into Sunday.


The final day of the tournament kicked off with a rematch against Phil fkin gaming. Another 2-0 victory meant that we advanced to the losers bracket final against NoEGO to fight for a spot in the grand final.

Having already lost against NoEGO on Friday, the team did not take them lightly and knew it would be a tough match. Unfortunately, we were bested again and lost a close series 2-1. This meant we were knocked out of the tournament and finished in third place.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Our CS:GO team is new to the organisation and consists of JamesBT, Conor, Znx, Brodie and Lainnye. The tournament had a large prize pool of £6,250 so there was plenty for the team to fight for. The tournament consisted of a Swiss format group stage and a 16 team playoffs which were double elimination, best of 3.


The tournament began on Friday with a Swiss group stage. This consisted of 6 rounds of matches with teams requiring 4 wins to advance to the playoffs.

The team began the tournament with a win against School of Rock. Next up was Reflex who took the win convincingly leaving us 1-1 in the Swiss Stage. Undeterred, the team bounced back from the loss and went on to win all remaining group games against MJ’s U7s, Dogs Trust, Exillium and Zone444.

This left us with a record of 5 wins and 1 loss at the end of the first day. We qualified for playoffs and entered them with the 4th seed.


Playoffs began on Saturday with our first match against Concrete Kievs. A swift 2-0 victory meant we advanced to round 2. We then repeated the performance in the next round against ChromeGG taking another 2-0 victory.

At the close of games on Saturday, we had confirmed a top 6 finish and looked strong going into Sunday.


Sunday started with a series against tournament favourites, Fierce. They had swept aside every team in their path previously and had not lost a map so far. They continued that streak winning the first map against us. As we were losing 0-1, we had to make an unexpected comeback to advance in the winner’s bracket. The team thrived under the pressure and were able to win the next 2 maps. We took the series 2-1 and advanced to the winners bracket finals against London Esports.

The series against London Esports began on Inferno. The map was very close with many rounds of overtime being played but unfortunately, London edged the map and won 28-25. They followed up with a strong performance on Nuke. They comfortably won the map with a 16-7 victory. This meant we lost the series 2-0 and were dropped into the loser’s bracket final to fight for a spot in the grand final.

The final game on Sunday was once again against Fierce who had won their lower bracket games to earn a rematch. Once again, Fierce won the first map (Inferno) and put us on the back foot in the series. We took a very close second map on Train winning 19-17 to level up the series. We were then able to cruise to a 2-1 victory in the series taking a 16-5 win on Mirage. The final round saw Lainnye pull off a dramatic 1v3 ninja defuse.

This meant we advanced to the grand finals on Monday where we would play against London Esports, this time for all the marbles.


 The final match of the tournament was played on stage against London Esports to fight for the £3000 grand prize. As they advanced through the winner’s bracket, they got a 1-0 advantage in the best of 5 series.

The first game was played on Mirage. The match was very close with both teams having strong spells throughout the game. After a back and forth 30 rounds, the map went to overtime. Once again the story continued with teams trading rounds eventually finishing in a third session of overtime. Unfortunately, London were able to close out the map and win 25-23. This meant they were 2-0 up in the series and needed one more win to close out the series.

Next up was our pick of Inferno. In the previous series between the two sides, the map went to four overtimes before London eventually won so we were strapped in for another marathon. The match looked to be delivering with a close first half which London edged 9-6. The second half, however, was fairly one-sided and unfortunately saw London close out the map strong winning 16-7.

London Esports won the series 3-0 and were crowned i64 champions. We took second place and a £1500 prize.

I64 Second Place

Final Placements

League of Legends – 3rd place (£500)

Counter Strike: Global Offensive – 2nd place (£1500 prize)

That wraps up a very successful weekend for us at DarkSpawn. We are immensely proud of both the strong performances and professionalism showed by all of our players.

Next up for our LoL team is Forge of Champions and the next action for us in CS:GO will be Epic27. Be sure to follow our Twitter and join our Discord to keep up to date with all things DarkSpawn.

Our power grows stronger… #UnleashYourDemons

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